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My American Accent

Blog post about this video: I have a go at speaking in my best American accent, which apparently isn't very go...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to Eat Your Kimchi, Seoul Eats & some more cool blogs on Korea

  • Ashanti Smith says:

    He either sounds country or from California. S’ keyoot!

  • Макс Пэйн says:


  • JSonicX7 says:

    Oh my god this was the best thing ever. xD 

  • kiyomi133 says:

    That’s a western american accent

  • ItzMikaykay says:


  • micheal Hargain says:

    I Can Speak British So I Know How It Feels Like So Far

  • Corascrazy says:

    I am from America

  • JonnyXrep says:

    This dude spoke in like 17 different American Accents. He had the
    California Surfer, Southern, Texan, New Yorker, Boston, Great Lakes,
    Invisible Accent, etc. Get your shit together mate.

  • Morgan Collins says:

    I didn’t know we have an accent 

  • AJ Fabris says:

    completely offensive. should have added disclaimers. unsubscribed. a public
    apology is in order. 

  • Stricken4Pot says:

    He went from Cali accent to New York accent to southern accent back to Cali

  • CLASSICDUH says:

    Is it hard to do an American accent?

  • Canned Snacks says:

    I think, a speaker of the American accent myself, that you can pass as
    having an American accent. People will just probably look at you a bit
    funny and think hmm, he kinda mixes a NY accent with a Texan accent, but I
    don’t think anyone would really point it out… 

  • jan olszak says:

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    2.German American inventors:204=14,85%
    3.Scottish American:83=6,04%
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    5.Italian American:33
    6.Americans USA:29
    6.7.Jewish American:29
    8.Irish American:26
    9.Frenchmen American:25
    Polish American:18
    Welsh American:18
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    Russians American:4
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    Puertorican American:1
    Romanians American:1
    Ukrainian American:1

  • iSuperrMan says:

    It’s funny how British people invented the English language yet they
    pronounce nearly every word wrong with their accents. Example: the word
    “mom”… they pronounce it as if it was spelt “mum”. Or the word “water”…
    they pronounce it as “wahtah”.

    Ahh, British people… they’ll just never learn

  • Jund Arbiter says:

    Puhdado = potato

  • takeshimaisours says:

    What’s the difference between “Kimchi” and “Kimuchi”?

  • Jen Mabele says:

    Did the second guy seriously said… ‘FoodPornSite’? With pretty pictures
    of food??? Wow… >.<

  • Hyunwoo Sun says:

    @AbercrombieQT88 Thanks a lot!!! : )

  • legi0nnaire says:


  • Lee Moonlights says:

    @kasoumi217 when u visit here , if u wana make korean friends let me know

  • chachee99 says:

    wow those are some huge earings!

  • darkwater07 says:

    lol love them and their blog !

  • GiselaVerdin says:

    O_o I actually recognized Hyunwoo from TTMIK…I just downloaded the app :$

  • geokar says:

    Simon is a sweet heart. Did he really need those garish tattoos?

  • Sabrina Arancibia says:

    That’s really cool. On my opinion, Simon and Martina and Hyunwoo are super
    awesome. So imagine their awesomeness…. COMBINED. MIND=BLOWN.

  • CeliiLove says:

    I love your videos! It makes me wanna go to South Korea eve more(: , when I
    do go I wanna meet you !

  • jessicattie says:

    2:19 , google audio transcribing thing. oh my.

  • pary16 says:

    simon o.o XDD

  • Hyunwoo Sun says:

    @iloveboneslots Great to hear that! : ) Thanks for watching!

  • singforthelaughter says:

    Yay! I’m so glad that you met Simon and Martina. Their videos are so funny
    and useful for people looking to learn more about everyday Korean life. I
    haven’t heard of Daniel Gray, but it sounds like he’s got a good website. I
    like food. 😀 Also, since I am a high school student myself, I’d love to
    read what the other three are blogging about!

  • Kirakoda says:

    Hehe, I actually just found your site because of Simon and Martina! Thanks
    for the vid, I’m definitely going to check these sites out, including yours

  • Hyunwoo Sun says:

    @Firenzay Haha, yeah : ) They are nice people!

  • honeypuglover says:

    Thanks for the video! I´ve already known Simon and Martina´s site and talk
    to me in korean! But I didn´t know it´s your site. All the sites are great!

  • PyroPandaZ says:

    God you are a good looking man.



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