"An "ex-gay" Christian advocate, who blogs about how religion saved him from a life of homosexual sin, was recently discovered on gay hookup app Grindr. Matt...

17 Responses to ‘Ex-Gay’ Christian Blogger Caught on Grindr

  • Amy Massinger says:

    this is so rude 

  • Shawn Baker says:

    How is gay natural. If gay was natural our species would be extinct.

  • Harden Thicke says:

    🙂 @ all these double meanings.

  • Jasper Thorne says:

    You people are filth. You will burn.

  • BigD says:

    A women comes up with one blind eye almost 100% white. Call up 8 or so
    others behind to watch the LIVING God at work. Pray for her eye tell it to
    see straight. The 8 almost fall backwords and the woman starts screaming
    she can see.

    1, makes no difference you believe this it happened. Jesus is alive and
    real. The Father really sent Jesus to die for the world because He loves
    this world. Its easy to listen to walk around having a blast when
    everything is going great. Here we see people telling you GOD is really not
    real its a myth. This woman LOVES and SERVES this myth. You dont have
    to..yet remember you heard the truth YOU alone made the choice. Its easy
    people around you telling you to go have a blast..do what ever you want.
    Not sure what reward there is to gain the world but lose your soul.

    Yeah to follow Jesus ..oh my its so awful.. helping loving giving, building
    forgiving watching WOW real healing.. GOD. Yes yes you can name this person
    or that ..that is not showing you what Jesus really is.

    did you look out side lately? Since lets say 2007 has it been getting
    better? Oh what are the odds Jesus said what it will be like.. lucky guess
    huh. So yeah as long as your friends are around you keep doing that they
    do.. can they save you or do then even care? Meaning if you turn to JESUS
    are they still there? Jesus is

  • GTA 5 gamer says:

    Man and women where made for each other they weren’t soppose to like the
    same gender as them

  • Taxtro says:

    Well changing the sexuality of a person might actually work. Of course that
    would be a horrible and inhumane thing and completely pointless.
    I heard that in the MK Ultra experiment, US scientists succeeded in
    eradicating a person’s personality almost completely. So it might as well
    be possible to change the sexual identity or sexuality.
    Theoretically – and I never want to find out, since that would be a deed of
    black evil.

  • Tyrese Waldon says:

    Fuck god. Be yourself

  • Joshua Vaughan says:

    How ironic that liberals are so accepting of different kinds of people, but
    when a gay decides to un-gay himself, they make fun of him? They treat him
    like such a loser for getting over something that was a personal conflict,
    liberal logic. These TYT losers are such bigots. They think they know what
    he wants. This is so pathetic.

  • DaNinjuh says:

    It’s really sad just how ignorant people are about sexuality, as if it’s
    something you can just choose like what color shirt you wanna wear for the
    day. It’s not a choice, it’s who you are. 

  • darkkaiju899 says:

    LOL! That’s the beauty of hating faggots. The religious hate them, and so
    do non-religious people! 

  • Darrylizer1 says:

    I wonder if Grindr got the app name from the Judas Priest song Grinder?

    Been inclined to wander
    Off the beaten track
    That’s where there’s thunder
    And the wind shouts back

    Looking for meat
    Wants you to eat

    Got no use for routine
    I shiver at the thought
    Open skies are my scene
    That’s why I won’t get caught

  • Valdimir Fuentes says:

    and if i don’t want to be gay? is a problem that i want to change guys?
    because the gays make me bullying cuz they say that i don’t accept myself
    and it’s hard want to change when some fags are telling you that i can’t.
    if someone don’t want to follow that lifestyle of shit , leave him in peace
    please. if u want respect first give it to us.

  • BarbariskaP says:

    Ana Kasparian is so beautiful, almost to beautiful, overdose in beauty to

  • Len Martin says:

    If god is real and so called loving, why in the Fuck would he be so small
    minded as to judge someone for something as natural as being gay. That is
    extremely shallow and ignorant. You Christians really need to smarten up.

  • Corvus Bruxo says:

    I usually like this guys, not just because I agree, but also because I
    laugh with their comments. But I didn’t like this vid. Yeah, I laughed
    about watching an “ex-gay” being caught in Grindr, but also I don’t like
    they stuck their nose into people’s beliefs, seriously. I’m the first to
    vomit upon institutions or beliefs that opress people’s freedom, but leave
    alone people’s beliefs and that prejudice that “all religions are
    oppressive” bullshit

    PS: no, Thor and all other Norse Gods don’t hate him for being gay,
    actually there are gay worshippers of those deities, ehem ¬¬U

  • PrincessKLS says:

    Zoosk is good for booty calls



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