Hey guys! This video is my intro to my new youtube channel Heather's Book Reviews. This channel is meant for other people who enjoy reading as well so please...
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Video Book Review di Tokyo on Foot Travels in the Citys Most Colorful Neighborhoods realizzato dal Parka Blogs ( il video è stato realizzato dal gruppo Parka...

14 Responses to First Book Review Blog!

  • Eddie Clary says:

    This Blog is soooooooo cool and awesome. Wow this girl is so pretty and

  • Tyler Andrle says:

    I live close to chicago yay

  • AurasBookBox says:

    welcome to the community, found you on goodreads, hope to see more videos 😀

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    @Nerdybooklover awww thanks so much:)

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    yayyyy go chicago!:)

  • Anne Schnoor says:

    heather its me emi i miss u

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    @LittleBookOwl Thanks! 🙂 Simone is definitely one of my favorite authors,
    if not my most favorite. I have no doubt that you will love them!

  • Lolchan15 says:

    Konichiwa (^O^) what would you say your favourite and worst book to movie
    adaptation is?

  • Little Book Owl says:

    Welcome to the book community! I really look forward to seeing more videos
    and reviews 🙂 I have Simone Elkeles’s books coming in the mail and I
    cannot wait to read them.

  • Nerdybooklover says:

    You’re so pretty! Subbed back =D looking forward to reviews. (= ~Amber.

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    @BeautifulReader aww thanks so much:))))

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    @AurasBookBox Thanks so much!:)

  • howzitgoing347 says:

    I really like Heather’s book reviews. This blog is awesome and I love the
    way she gives a lot of details to the books but not the endings. I will
    definitely check back to see what new books Heather has read. Thanks.

  • HeathersBookReview says:

    @Konichiwa(^O^) I know a lot of people disagree with me on this but
    probably the Twiliight Saga, The movies did nothing for me but I LOVE the
    books, totally compelling.



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