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For generations, we’ve seen the political landscape in this country teeter back and forth between the Left and the Right. Usually about every 8 years or so, whichever political party is dominating Congress, the Executive Branch, and the state legislatures, is kicked out by voters and replaced with the other political party.

However, there’s something very different going on this time around. Donald Trump’s ascent to the oval office represents a major shift in our society and culture, and I’m not talking about the intermittent shuffle of politicians that we see every few years. Instead, the pendulum is about to swing very hard to the right.

Wake up, stay awake and awake others!

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Federal Report: The College Debt Bubble Is Collapsing Now: 33% Of All Student Loans Are Delinquent On Repayments

The Final Nail in the Mainstream TV News Coffin: Fox News Ratings Plummet to 17 Year Low

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Open Season on Conservative Bloggers

There's been a noticeable amount of Conservative bloggers banned from youtube & other social networking news sites. The most prominent ones who were banned or restricted by Youtube are: Rev. Manning & Michael Savage.

It behooves conservative bloggers to spread their message (blogs) to others sites such as & Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket. Duplicate, triplicate your work, so that in the event youtube or other left-wing site decides to pull the plug on you, at least you will still be up & running.

Alternate to Youtube:

21 Responses to FIVE REASONS WHY America Is About To Become A VERY Conservative Country

  • LoneStar1776 says:

    Thanks for the references to the other blog sites. I had no idea about NMATV or wordpress. Thanks Again, Arlene. /salute

  • Amyls64 says:

    This is good advice. And the people posting might want to keep of list of their subscribers e mail addresses if they are so willing to share.

  • ConservativeStudios says:

    Arlene 2012!!! Impeach Mao Obama!!! Then, put him in Gitmo and try him for treason!

  • jobw87 says:

    Yea conservatives have become disgustingly evil. I'm sick of hearing you guys sick and bitter mischaracterizations of Obama. You anger wimps are just upset because Bush's reign of incompetence, GOP numerous scandals (mainly gay ones), and the lose of your dear leader Rev Falwell destroyed all of your chances in the election and you're talking it out on Obama and crossing the line and youtube bands you. So your stop whining crybabies.

  • NCLUSA says:

    Youtube is going to bite themselves in their own butt!! if they show the World that they are as biased as they seem to be, they will end up like The New York Times, or Dan Rather (: . Bless you lady for being who and what you are, a real American,,, thanks.

  • asiancaramel says:


  • jobw87 says:

    @ASONOFUNCLESAM I was actually about to go to sleep after checking my emails one last time, but then your ridiculousness made me jump out of bed. You are aware of Bush's stolen elections, right? Michael Connell, who died mysteriously less than 3 months after being subpoenaed to testify his role in 04s election tampering. P.S. And Bush was a cocaine addicted and a drunk and I'm unaware of Obama's adultery or gayness, but I bet a republitard would know. XD But, more later today

  • jobw87 says:

    Bush accidentally admitted to using weed. His persistent cocaine rumors date to the late 60s, in fact whenever one of Bush's interests involved random drug testing, Bush suspiciously regressed on his involvement, as in the military and even in 92 when he refused to submit a drug test for his father. And you're pushy, pretentious, and ignore or dreamy, OBAMA won that republican state in 08. The secretary of OH was bribed by the gov of MS, there's a check to affirm it. I must sleep for school.

  • jobw87 says:

    I wonder how many people Reagan killed by empowering Suddam with tyrannical powers he used to mercilessly murder and depredate his own people? The Dems aren't the jealous, monochromatic, tools who obsessively scrutinize opponents to avoid introspection and self-improvement. The Dems aren't as hypocritical, vain, and bumptious and dont arrogantly claim omniscience, and become self-serving, greedy, mostly gay promiscuous shameless scoundrels. I'm aware of both parties' wrongdoings, are you?

  • jobw87 says:

    @ASONOFUNCLESAM: Storm Thurmond (R), frmr Grand Wizard & leader of the Democrat Party's racist wing, and unsuccessfully ran for pres and later left the Dems because he despised FDR and Truman's civil rights stances. And I his followers migrated with him, thus the modern GOP's racist foundation. Byrd, obviously was as racist as Storm, because Byrd stayed and fervidly apologized, unlike Reagan, Jesse Helms, and Pat Robinson's father who left the Dems too.

  • jobw87 says:

    @pezcore68: So true, but these whiny bitter touchy goons never listen.

  • jobw87 says:

    Post civil rights era, modern GOP is mostly defined by his religions leaders who all have despicable racist ties. The late Rev Jerry Falwell, called MLK a liberal, and "Fraud" regarding his civil rights convictions. And he said god ordered segregation and we most maintain it, and he mocked interracial marriages, and oh, MLK himself criticized white southern baptist pastors, as he expressed disappointment in what he called their support of segregation.

  • jobw87 says:

    @ASONOFUNCLESAM: So, with luring the Democrat Party's racist wing and the racist southern baptists, it seems the GOP has definitely more racist then the Dems. Check mate, mate. XD

    And, Goodnight, or morning. :0)

  • carolyn thompson says:

    : i like your ideal i am on instagram and google+ to.

  • MisterBassBoost says:

    Good video! Keep it up!

  • heterodyne1 says:

    the age factor changes a lot of people – as many of us get older we shift to the center or moderately right.

  • Zozodo Lewin says:

    this is nat ture 1

  • Frederick Jackson says:

    It would be nice if we had REAL conservatives in the Supreme Court not these shills for the fascist state who call themselves conservative but allow habeus corpus to be taken away and call money a form of speech. I do not know who killed A. Scalia (I can guess) but good job!

  • Mark Fischer says:

    Liberals brought America to the verge of ruin. They also brought corruption and abuse of power to unheard of levels. We are taking our country back. Future generations will be taught the basic concepts and principles on which America was founded and why they made America rise from obscurity to by far the preeminent nation in all human history in barely 150 years. Unlike other nations they will be taught the good and the bad. They will learn where America learned from its mistakes and where it didn't. This will restore America to the nation it is supposed to be. Those who actively work to overthrow it will be vanquished whether they are outside or inside the country. They will no longer be tolerated.

  • Bruce M. says:


  • Steven Stoffers says:

    cool, so let's go ahead and borrow another trillion… the actual estimate right now is US$ 1,200,000,000,000…. on upgrading our nuclear weapons system… that should be at the top of 'our' conservative agenda….and allow me to let you know where to send my Social Security checks…..

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