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Get free web hosting on Google Drive! Need a place for free blog hosting , a photography website or any kind of website? Follow the tutorial in the video to ...

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  • Dave Miller says:

    Thanks for your video. It worked for firefox, IE & opera but not for
    chrome. Can you give a solution?

  • Daniel Olivera says:

    i use the part between id=_____this part_____&usp it work for me

  • TheWizardofRad says:

    Still working.

  • Chamil Sarajith says:

    I think this is not working on new version of google drive (because URLs
    had changed). please help me

  • crazyweb1000 says:

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  • NextGenSoldier ACNH says:

    my share link isn’t the same

  • Akkarachai W. says:

    Hello, your video is great but is there any good web host? (for free) 😀

  • TheWizardofRad says:

    Yeah PHP support would be amazing.

  • Daniel Olivera says:

    i fix it you must use, for your link this part:
    0B-LQl-niS8ugd282Q2wyd­lFUX1k my link is like yours and it works great.

  • Daniel Olivera says:

    I fix that problem for my page. Just repeat the steps of the video but with
    the images: click on the image and go to share then copy the link. then
    write the googledrive com/host/the part of the link. Finally edit your page
    main code, change the

  • james hogg says:

    Can you add adsense to this?

  • Daniel Olivera says:

    select your html file and press F2 then just write index.html well i don’t
    known if thats your question

  • TheWizardofRad says:

    Changing the folder to public only gives public viewing access, they get no
    access to change the files.

  • Philippe Thomas says:

    Nice nice !

  • Bairham Isak says:
  • beth monsai says:

    hi all!!
    related to this topic check this out…m sure you all will like it!

  • Danny Timmer says:

    need webhosting? PM me

  • KiflaXx says:

    LOL. Big cat index

  • GecoEvan Arca says:

    Dosent Work

  • Abby Millward says:

    This didn’t work for me at first because I tried to only share with select
    people. You MUST make it public to everyone for it to work.

  • Tyler Potts says:

    It works for my site I tested:

    This was a very basic thing I made just to test it. I wish that you could
    make a domain name for it though!

  • BRSGaming says:

    song name?

  • M Seo says:

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  • Kevin Kidali says:

    awesome! it is working for me in any browser that I have. awesome!!!

  • Win-Official says:




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