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  • TFLAT'S Tech Games and More says:

    I just downloaded your plugin. I have to say, it’s impressive. Looking
    forward to the results, but I”m having a little issue. I’m in my WordPress
    Dashboard and when I click on the plugins section under the SEO tool. I get
    the page that says I don’t have certain plugins installed. Then I try to
    install them, with the link given, but it’s not working. I’ve found a few
    manually. Please help. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Noelani Kee says:

    Hey Jeff, awesome information you are sharing and glad I stumbled onto your
    video. I also went to your blog and see what’s on there as well. Very
    valuable information both ways here and your blog. Thanks again. Lani

  • true1star says:

    Really great information, Jeff. Newbies and experts alike can learn a lot
    from your clean and direct, NO BS, presentations… Personally, I
    appreciate the info without getting constantly bombarded with a sales
    message. Thanks, JT

  • Mike .Johnson says:

    Thank you Jeff. Your training is very useful for the SEO on my site Way Ya
    Go Alkaline Water. It has made a big difference in the number of hit I get
    a day. Thanks again. Mike

  • ebeanbee says:

    My point was, too many web 2.0 gurus are not offering REAL VALUE. You’re
    still new to me Jeff, so I’ll give it all a try. Thanks for the offer, I
    look forward to learning something new and getting some real results for
    the projects I am trying to market.



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