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There are a lot of free website builders out there - but how can you find the best one for your website? Is it really possible to build and run a website for free with no ads? This video compares four different website builders: Weebly, Webnode, Jimdo and

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1:00 Jimdo
1:28 Weebly
1:57 Webnode
2:26 Wix
3:12 Conclusion

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Contrary to popular belief (and other videos I've seen), WordPress is not typically considered a website builder. The term "website builder" is generally reserved for applications like Weebly and Squarespace that you pay for monthly and allow you to use a drag-and-drop interface to create a website.

In this video, I help you decide if you're ready to take the WordPress plunge or if you're better suited to using a website builder to create your website.
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28 Responses to Free website builders: a comparison of the best ones

  • Let's Build WordPress says:


  • mryam khalf says:

    hello can i download my website in my loacl computer for using as localhost ?if yes how can do it?please

  • superhunter992 says:

    HI i wanted to know i want to be making a website to a small family business i think word press is the one. I want to know is it 100% free or do you have to upgrade or do they give you so much balance of credit? and would this come up on google search (not very computer wise) ha ha , I would like it strictly for advertising for now and maybe put a link with an email on it a few pictures, Little bit about us,and abit about different products. any suggestions would be great.

  • CallMeTony says:

    I'm probably intermediate level as far as building websites. I worked for a company called Quickstart Store a few years ago, building "free" marketing websites for businesses (I wouldn't recommend that company to anyone). At any rate, I haven't done any website development work in quite some time, so my limited html/css knowledge has been somewhat forgotten, but I recently took over a project for my wife's boss using GoDaddy's website builder, and I must say that I am very pleased with it.

    This project has gotten me back in the website game, and a friend now wants me to build a website for his new company. However, for him I need to keep the cost as low as possible, and everything I've read says that WordPress is the way to go. I know at my old job they were starting to switch over to WordPress right before I stopped working there, but I don't know if I'm going to have to use a lot of coding or not. Judging by this video, I should be OK, but we all know that time is money, and I cannot be spending a lot of time on the website if I'm going to keep the cost down.

    Anyone with suggestions, please leave me a comment. Thanks!

  • Rafid Hasim says:

    link to ur other videos and infos will be really helpfull u know ! u have quit a bit of videos and stuff

  • Suliaman Sabbah says:

    Thank you for all the useful info
    i already have a web hosting wit with hostgator but i need a simple and nice looking site which i can do using WIX for example.
    is there any website builder that allows exporting my site so i can host it on my hosgator package

  • AshgetAlSultan says:

    If I were to build a website that aim to include list of different business details in order to be easy for customers to access and find their details such as yellow page which website builder would be better? Am thinking WordPress and site builder but what would you suggest? I have tried WordPress but without installing it just online 

  • Claire H says:

    Hi Ryan. You have rather nice eyes 🙂 Anyway, this has been really helpful. Thank you. I shall give you a thumbs up.

  • Wordpress Blogs Benefits says:

    Very cool. Nice video and well put together!

  • Auke De Souza says:

    Great thanks!

  • H2ODelirious says:

    nice video

  • Anilson Martins says:

    And the best?

  • Frederik Fabricius-Bjerre 1m says:

    What would you recommend for a small buisness?
    We're from Denmark, and we want the danish creditcard to function with the online store.

  • Bernice Karanja says:

    thank you! very insightful.

  • Lavan Nadaraja says:
     is Best

  • Q's Quick vids says:

    what about WordPress

  • Odunola Oyeniyi says:

    how much is the yearly after the free first year?

  • Blox Up says:

    Nice video…. Thanks for sharing your valuable view.

  • f`ree Life coach says:

    I could not find out if any of the site-builders allowed a groups feature to be added such they have on ning 2 sites

  • Nelly Nelson says:

    How about wordpress?

  • Mark Orr says:

    you can have a free site with Zoho sites and use your own domain. you can also build a site using Google Blogger an have your own domain on that too. have you ever covered these tools?

  • ilieDem123 says:

    I need a free website builder, dudes it is just building website like uploading videos on youtube BUILD WEBSITE DON'T NEED FOR MONEY OR UPGRADE !!!

  • Oli Cansdale says:

    Which software is best for me to host it myself?

  • Oli Cansdale says:

    Godaddy supports all of these…

  • Sol Pa says:

    Nice video about website builders, Thanks man.

  • LoesungFeuer5 says:

    your voice sounds so awesome!
    (No homo)

  • faisal anas says:

    what about wordpress and

  • P.S 2005 says:

    which one should I use weebly or jimdo



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