Getting Back Into A Routine | VLOG (healthy meals, fitness, work, facing fears)

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FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Running, Booty, Abs, Yoga, & More (vlog)

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33 Responses to Getting Back Into A Routine | VLOG (healthy meals, fitness, work, facing fears)

  • SM503 says:

    Idk how u do it girl, i barely made it to the gym early morning before work it was great but after that never went back i feel guilty and upset for not going back like my lack of energy, cozy warm bed and laziness is dominating me i need help getting a routine. I watched several of ur videos of morning/gym rountines that inspired me hopefully we will see.

  • Kim Elsberry says:

    I was curious what do u use for ur yoga classes CSU’s so relaly wanna start

  • madi sheikh says:


  • pfff bye boo says:

    if u have anxiety abt going to the gym, like me, just remember everyone is there for the same reason.

  • jimin's tiny hands says:

    Thank you so much your words really helped. You're awesome 💜❤

  • Maddy says:

    Such a good idea with the list. I needed motivation and this video really did the trick! Also, a new sub! I love your channel. Thank you <3

  • The life of Breanna Rae says:

    Thank you your vlog is amazing gave me ideas for my workouts just started weight loss journey and have uploaded my first video please take a look if you can 💗

  • sofia lee says:

    Ufff she is too much lacturing yar

  • Rashmi Sharma says:

    Can u tell me… Which gainer for girls

  • Steve Thompson says:

    Give up the Cardio, stay with the weights. Seriously.

  • Tips For Be Healthy says:

    Many people want to reduce their weight to have a healthy life. You are also may be a beginner or an exercising person in a gym. If your workout doesn't breakout enough fat or build muscles you have to check it again. You may be unable to get them due to many mistakes happening from you while doing your exercise program. After correcting them you can have the results you want.

  • Tonia Murray says:

    No upper body?

  • Priti Sethi says:

    Hi guys..mujhy apna weight kam karna hai…m confused kya Karu.. Gym.. Yoga or diet plan.. Plz suggest

  • halfwayyxright says:

    very inspirational routine. tryin' to get in shbe also, made me going to the gym 3 x per week and also in days free from lifting – 30 mins cardio.

  • Brian Shabani says:

    Get natural energy on your daily workout



  • Alpha 7 says:

    Namaste birches 😎 that was super cool on your tee shirt 😂

  • MizMagnoSalsa says:

    Great video. I just found your channel when I was looking for book recommendations. If you don’t already maybe post your post it note somewhere weekly on social media to help those of us that need a little motivation.

  • Dangelo Mateo says:

    I wish I had run into the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of using the plans, I reduced TWELVE lbs Needless to say I exercise several times weekly, and eat good food. The actual result shown to me is remarkable. I undoubtedly encourage the product, hope it works as excellent for you mainly because it really does for me. .

  • Whitley Langley says:

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  • Hannah Brooks says:

    Does Noah not like to be in your videos?

  • Jasmine Icesten says:

    Which program do you use to edit ur videos? ❣️

  • Daily Meems says:

    Ive struggled with anxiety/panic attacks/fainting spells before (for yearssss)and its a terrifying feeling! They are all very similar and often go hand in hand. PLUS, the fear of having a panic attack or fainting in public is also very real!! One thing that i try to remember is that the people around you are usually very understanding and caring. IF (and thats a pretty big if) you fell or fainted, the people around you would help you up & get you some water. I've fainted in public before and people are always super sweet. 🙂 But i get it, it's hard to rationalize when you're in that state.

  • Kat Nicolette says:

    Standing in line triggers my anxiety SO MUCH! I feel like I’m struck and like everyone is watching me. I think the part that makes it even worse is I feel obligated to stay in my spot in line regardless of how I feel because I feel like everyone will judge me if I don’t.

  • Johnny like Bravo says:

    Hello,I subscribe and like your channel,can you subscribe to my channel too?!

  • Victo Browning says:

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  • RunningTowardsMe says:

    I totally get it. I've been working my tail off. I love seeing other people vlog about their fitness experiences and balancing life. Being honest and vulnerable about how life is real is by far the best way to share your story.

  • Redhead 21 says:

    I feel the same about lines! Also I totally get dizzy in store lights. Especially in Walmart

  • jay hulrs says:

    You should do instacart for groceries. I also hate grocery shopping and have anxiety

  • channel kuto says:
  • Strong Mom says:

    Yes getting back into a routine is so important after the summer! Good tips

  • David Finney says:

    Good morning Renee Amberg. Can you help me to get back on track with things please because I am a lazy git. And sometime in October I am getting a flat





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