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It’s a really long blog this week, so grab a snack! 🙂 Join me as I get ready for meet and greet!


L I N K S :



Karen Valeria


Jeremy Michelbook


Ms. Rogers



16 Responses to Getting Ready For Meet & Greet! | Teacher Vlog Ep.8

  • Rachel Lynn says:

    Love the room! The curtains turned out great with the tassels.

  • Franche_Mar says:

    Hi! Can you make a video about centers/transitions!
    Love your videos!
    Im a kinder teacher too!

  • Dani Kristine says:

    Looks awesome! Also you look so much like Jessica Alba!

  • ropefuzz says:

    I wish my kids had a teacher like you when they were little. You seem very dedicated and you sound like you really enjoy the children. Don't forget to take some time for yourself!

  • kellyfain1 says:

    I'm interested in what state you teach in because 15 students is not normal in California. I am studying to be a teacher in California & I would love to teach somewhere with only 15 students in a classroom. (The average here is 30-35 students)

  • Angie 101 says:

    Your classroom looks great!!

  • beautybabe000 says:

    I know this is so irrelevant but how do you curl your hair!!?

  • fatma ahmed says:

    You are super Amazing!!💓💓

  • kpboo9 says:

    Hey girl! I've had those same colored drawers for 3 years now and mine are still in good condition. Like you, I use mine for teacher materials, so the students aren't allowed to touch them. And I feel ya about the lunch time! We go to lunch at 10:45 and I think I have just adjusted to it over the years and it doesn't feel weird anymore. I do get hungry before I get home though and the kids do too, so for that reason we have a snack time in our room at 2:00. Do your kids get snack? Also, I was just wondering if teachers in Arizona get a card with state money to spend on educational items? We do in MS.

  • Adriana Sanchez The Mexican Mommy says:

    Careful with the computer and monitors cords. Neatly tape them down so kids aren't tempted to pull on them. Beautifull job by the way, may God bless you with a wonder school year.

  • Sheyann Wright says:

    I dont have Instagram

  • Priscilla Munoz says:

    Love your labels you have put in your classroom :). Im wondering if you can do any tutorials when creating worksheets or classroom labels on powerpoint?

  • Nessa's Vlogs says:

    Your the cutest kindergarten teacher 😍

  • Otaku11BTS says:

    Two tables of four and two of three

  • Moon Glow says:

    Your room looks fabulous!

  • RET says:

    Are you related to the lady from the lettered classroom?

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