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30 Responses to Healthy Food Swaps! ♥ (Bread, Candy, Soda, Pasta…)

  • Kelly Mongan says:

    I know some people who drink pop everyday! But my friend showed me this and
    it’s so easy and good for you and tastes better than pop! Put less than
    half of carbonated water, then fill most of it with orange juice, and the
    rest with pomegranate juice! It’s so good I couldent get enough!

  • dinaherexx 24 says:

    I know this is errolevent but you shouldn’t sleep with your lights beside
    you it’s dangerous love you

  • KiwiDancer181 says:

    I just went on a marathon of your health and happiness videos. You are
    honestly incredible Cambria and I always look forward to your videos in my
    subscription box!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day/night if you’re
    reading this xxx

  • Mira Floyd says:

    A lot of videos similar to ‘how to be healthier’ and stuff like that are
    really dumb and tell you to just eat a big bowl of fruit, but this video is
    overall really good! Drinking more water is something I need to work on,
    despite only having access to tap water. :(

  • Novembre Pleut says:

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  • francesca x says:

    I don’t get how you can dislike water

  • Anna James says:

    Background music from “LOL”

  • Tim Sears says:

    I like your views on drinking more water and cutting out soda. Sometimes
    when I’m in a hurry, I’ll just squeeze lemon or lime directly into my water
    and drink it rather than putting slices in the water and waiting for the
    flavor to get into the water.

  • Diannah Clem Warrior Princess says:

    Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

  • Miriam Van Harn says:

    What book did you have while you were drinking tea? It looks really
    interesting 🙂 Love the video!

  • AmyRemedi says:

    This video made my 2014, Made everything and it worked!!

    Is awesome to feel good with yourself, please film another one for


    Lots of love, have a great year!

  • I am Katerina says:

    Finally I found this video again! Watched it soo long time ago and
    couldn’t find it! Such an inspiring and good quality video. Happy to find
    it:) Subbed to this amazing channel

  • Cynthia Gee says:

    I been drinking so much water since August (We’re in November now) and I
    seen no improvement at all in anything -.- my skin still looks horrible, I
    don’t ever feel refreshed or hydrated, I’m always tired and I can honestly
    say from experience that it doesn’t really help me lol, I also have been
    eating healthier and being more active but still nothing. I’m jealous of
    the people who actually get results /:

  • Jessica Urbano says:

    I have a hard time not buying processed foods and exercising but I found
    that I like working out on a stationary bike so I’m glad I found a workout
    for me. I pack fruit and granola bars as a snack now too (: 

  • Robert Butler D.C. says:

    Some times its the little changes that make the biggest difference. Make
    these little changes to make a big difference. You ARE what you eat. 

  • Lauren W says:

    you’re talking about good foods from the earth but you ate turkey?? dead
    animals certainly don’t go through the digestive system well, it takes days
    for them to leave your body…yuck

  • Healthy Cooking & Eating Tips says:

    Annie, this is an amazing video full of great tips. Many thanks to you. I
    like the tip about bread swap by toasting them. Just keep up the great

  • cora rausch says:

    Gleuten is fine unless you are gleuten sensitive or have celiac disease
    other than that it is ok for you 🙂 (I love bread and pasta eek!)

  • Sonierana says:

    It’s amazing that you are not just One of those Beauty-Fashion-Girlies. You
    know of what you are talking about and know really much about healthy food
    and stuff like this. It is great that you are making such helpful videos.
    Thank you very much! :))

  • Zahra Rahman says:

    hi thanks for this video

  • Behnaz Soltani says:


  • Nikita Tiwari says:

    That bread stuff wass reallyy amazingg…u truely…solved my
    problm….love ya swwety….n yaa….u r supr cute n sexee 🙂 ♥♥

  • Automatic No Static says:

    Wheat bread is just as bad as white bread. Try Spelt bread

  • to0PRETTY says:

    Can you do a video on time savers for washing fruit,
    vegestables(kale,spinach),storing, storafe tips because i feel like this is
    something that really prevents me from changing my lifestyle. 

  • Automatic No Static says:

    Great video, BUT if anyone on the planet didn’t know any of this then they
    would be considered for the lack of a better word, dumb.

  • Kiera D says:

    Wow I hate this. Uhmm basically half the things you’re saying are untrue!
    Bread and pasta are healthy and so is gluten (unless your body can’t
    tolerate it). Butter is healthy in moderation too and cheese is also

  • Jaezy Figueroa says:

    No kind of rice is good for you . Brown rice still contains a lot of carbs.

  • Caisa Muñoz Köhlin says:

    Calories and macros still matter regardless if you’re eating “clean” or
    not. If you eat 5000 calories worth of avocado and tuna you will still gain
    You’re really doing more harm than good spreading false information on a
    topic you are not educated on.
    Also, apples don’t become brown because “the vitamins die” it’s because of
    a reaction to amino acids because of contact with oxygen.
    Smh, so much ignorance in this video.

  • Paula Wojciechowska says:

    some of your advice is good and i believe you had good intensions, but you
    should check information better, before you add it to yt, where a lot of
    people watch it. For example regular potato is as good as sweet potato, its
    just the way you make it, even sweet potato fried and packed with fat will
    not be healthy, and not everyone lives in areas where sweet potato exists.
    The thing is to use what you got as good as you can, thats healthy
    lifestyle, not buying only “miracle products” which are in advertisements.
    For pasta, there is also pasta made from durum which is also good 🙂 hugs

  • CurtisHighFitness says:

    Great vid!! I’m also a fitness blogger! Be great to stay in touch! Keep up
    the awesome work in 2015



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