This is the first of my video blog series that will follow our struggle with inftertility. My hope is to shed some light on a topic that is still at this poi...
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Inspired by National Infertility Awareness Week & Redbook's "Truth About Trying" video campaign, I created my own video blog on my infertility journey. My bl...
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9 Responses to Hello, Intro to my infertility blog!

  • Smileyyy21 says:

    Have you seen the maker’s diet by Jordan Rubin.

  • Shannon Stinson says:

    You’re so welcome! Keep the faith, though it’s hard sometimes 🙂

  • Patricia Mauro says:

    thank you for this.

  • Double Rainbow says:

    We have been tying for 10 years. It hurts. Thank you for your story. I pray
    God will turn your life around for good.

  • TheBecca711 says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I found out at 19 that I had PCOS and now at
    20 I am told that I am also infertile. There are so many medications out
    there that can help and I just hope that one day they will work for me. I
    am not married or trying, but I do have the fear that I will never get my
    chance and not being able to talk to people and have them understand hurts.
    I am trying to have faith that one day I will get my turn and to just live
    as if I dont know. Thanks again for sharing this!

  • Cheryl M says:

    You are a great speaker. Sorry to hear about your infertility. Never give
    up girl. God is Great. I know a family member who couldn’t conceive for
    many years and they finally gave up and adopted a baby. Then 1 year later
    they got pregnant! The dad had some problem where he couldn’t make a baby
    but with some major healthy lifestyle changes, bam! it happened. Never give
    up on hope my friend.

  • MorganEndres says:

    Great speaker!

  • Janae Atwood says:

    Thank you for this! Love your heart. Hang in there.

  • Elizabeth Austen says:

    “Infertility is not a punishment from God. It is something that just
    happens.” So true yet so hard to grasp sometimes! Great video, xox, Beth



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