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13 Responses to How do you Become a Travel Blogger? | #AskBrooke

  • Lunaric says:

    Wanderlust. I feel it too.

  • Jazmine Bradley says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Can't believe I'm only discovering that you have a you tube channel now!…
    prepares to watch all videos from the past 3 years…

  • John says:

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  • Travel News Asia (Elvie Lins) says:

    Wow! you have a nice travel blog.

  • Traveling On a Shoestring says:

    Hey Brooke,
    Started a travel blog with several of the same trepidation’s as you.

    I love that you prioritize traveling. This is something we tell people all the time when they ask us “how do you afford to travel so much?”

    The truth is that is what we choose to spend our money on, we don’t buy “toys” we own one car, small house but whenever possible we just go on a trip.

    People sometimes can’t get their minds around this.

    Plus travel is cheap if you know how to do it. That’s why most of our travel blogs are focused on free things to do in a city.

    Just subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing many more of these great videos

  • Yogi on Move says:

    I am a Yogi, a traveller and recently started my blog and Vlog. Thanks a lot for your nice tips.

  • Sophie Jane Dantas says:

    I recently started my own travel blog! Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe at;

  • ConcernCritic says:

    Thanks for sharing a very informative video

  • Faith Puttman says:

    Hi Brooke – I've recently stumbled onto your blog and totally loving it. Tasmania is also where I call home these days and have just started a travel blog. These vids have been so inspirational for me so thanks so much! Maybe one day we'll run into each other 🙂

  • arun reddy says:

    Hey Brooke..!! Iam from Hyderabad, India. If u had any idea of visiting India, dnt jzt go visitng Tajmahal (all the same shit regular tourists do); also visit ancient architechtures like temples (especially ancient) but dont see them with the mindset of religiion, Iam sure that you will admire its sculptures, design, architecture and iam sure that you will definitely not understand how it is built. Some of the temples like Konark Sun Temple, Kailashnath temple (Ellora), Brihadeeshwara temple, Kedarnath temple etc which were built more than 1500 years ago.

  • roshan premasiri says:

    Thank you

  • Amy Kieran Vlogs says:

    Any aspiring travel bloggers want to support each other? 😌

  • Kanguru Adventure says:

    We love to travel as well! We are on the road since 2014, but only started blogging about it recently. Follow us if you like!



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