Video tutorial on how to add adsense ads inside your blog post to increase the amount of clicks and revenue.. Tags: adsense, revenue, CTR, video tutorial , b...
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How To Put High Paying Ads On Your WordPress Blog - tired of low paying ads and tiny click thru rates. this plugin will get your visitors to click on the stuff that makes you the most....

26 Responses to How to Add Adsense Ads Inside your Blogger Blog Post

  • Mancityforever CTID says:

    I can’t find this Plugin, please help.

  • gilliander says:

    Thanks Marcus I find this very useful and helpful – I am listening to
    everything – just the video is a little blurry sometimes… i’m listening

  • Sheeza Coldpiece says:

    Do I have to have a premium account to get the plugin feature?

  • charlas claire says:

    can u tell me how to post ads on right side of pic post

  • George Gordon says:

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  • mr paktam says:

    thanks for sharing this… a have watch till ending,it is really help me…
    awesome like me always looking for trips like this,million thanks to you…

  • Tony Varson says:

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  • mrsixty5 says:

    Okay, I need one.

  • DarkParagon says:

    when i try to put ads on blogger it says that my existing adsense account
    at (email) has been disapproved. how can i make it approved please help!!

  • himali patel says:


  • Mehfooz Shaikh says:

    this is very good tutorial i would like to say thank u very much for giving
    us good lesson

  • Aqeel Arshad says:

    nice work bro and its really helpful for

  • Marie Dee says:

    This video helped me a lot! Thanks! 🙂

  • Carl Babel says:

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  • akillies294 says:

    If I can hear you typing, why not just speak? like, honestly?

  • RockingGamerGuy says:

    that means ur account has been banned by adsense coz u violated their terms
    most probably u clicked on ur own ads!u cannot create any other adsense
    account with that id anyore!try to make a differnt account and u hv to
    start all over again 🙁

  • rokoni79 says:

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  • Azad Ali says:

    Very nice !!!

  • greenksplwest says:

    Very good. worked perfect.

  • Jol Pori says:

    Have you heard about Smarter Money Maker? (look for it on google) It is a
    fast way for you to earn more money quickly

  • Evan Mahard says:

    Thanks Kranti …. very usefull… can u give me suggestion and link which
    blogger template that have Good CTR ?

  • MrSocial4ever says:

    lol who dosent

  • Omar Addahir says:

    can you help me ?

  • betty feldmann says:

    l need ur help to do this blogger for me to let adsense approve it for me

  • Omar Timizar says:
  • Young P says:

    blogger ad code ling dont work..



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