Tutorial video on how to add gadgets/widgets to your blogger.com blog. Includes instructions on adding html gadgets. For more blogging tips and tricks visit:...
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How to use blogger by google basic steps. Editing and adding gadgets/widgets and using your template designer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 Responses to How to Add Gadgets/Widgets to Blogger

  • Asma Khatoon says:
  • Raven Bandit says:

    Hi.. great video.. cud u please please do a video on how you got your
    images all in a row. I have been struggling for weeks now trying to get
    this effect. Heres hoping you can help.. thanks

  • Alice Knight says:

    Hello Susan, Can you do a video showing how to make a header like yours?
    Please and Thank You

  • Betsy Graves says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the help… looking for more of your videos 🙂

  • Luanne Jamieson says:

    Thank you Susan! This is the most comprehensive and easy to understand
    tutorial I’ve seen. I’ve been using Blogger for a while now, and didn’t
    know a lot of the info you included!

  • MCvengers Audrey says:

    How could this only have 428 views? You are perfect! :p

  • joseph martinez says:

    Hi Susan, can you email me please. I need a walk through.
    joestonewoods.blogspot.com . Thank you Joseph

  • Jennifer B Graham says:

    Susan you are a love actually offering help. You are very generous. You’re
    the best!

  • Zenile Ororo says:

    You described everything so well! It’s hard to find videos indepth on this
    subject… I have a question for you… the admen pages (excuse my spelling
    lol ) what’s the overview and some of the other things in there? Located in
    the drop down menu where pages and posts are? I’m kind of confused on that.

  • sachin kumar says:

    how do you create thumbnails of images .. which template are you using ??

  • Sokanhchana khieng says:

    How did you create the follow us gadget?

  • AETemplatesOnly says:

    How to make thumbnails for each post? message me so I can show you a blog
    on how I want mines to look.

  • Haidji says:

    Thanks for the video! 

  • princessxsheryl says:

    tysm♡ this helped.

  • extremebiker2005 says:

    how to make an embedded youtube video on a blogspot post show a thumbnail
    when shared on facebook? 

  • SA FAROOQ says:

    Thanks for the help..gadgets n template, pages n tabs videos helped me
    somewhat any more videos about blogger

  • Thomas Hajex says:

    Thanks for making this tutorial 😀
    The tips and tricks you put for the pages was really appreciative too :3

  • HGLStudios says:


  • Nikki Arapol says:

    thanks for this

  • Utkarsh Saini says:

    mam how can i make blog title so beautiful like you make on your blog
    plzzz send

  • Susan Adams says:

    Hi, Guys, Couple of older questions answered, You can make a png image for
    your banner and add it to the image widget for your header at
    As far as getting your images in a full row, you just can’t arrange them
    that way..you can do three at a time..right next to each other..make sure
    they are the same size in pixels and align #1 left, #2 center and #3 right.
    That should work. Otherwise, you will have to make some sort of slideshow
    in picasa, smugmug, flikr, slideshow-creator.com or photosnack.com

  • Susan Adams says:

    Any other requests? As far as the admin side..the overview really is stats
    for traffic, new news from Google on Blogger subjects and other tutorials
    from blogger on how to do things. I learned by searching in google help.
    And just playing around with it..a good working knowledge of basic html and
    css helps alot. let your imagination run and have fun!

  • Carly Wooz says:

    What recorder and editor (if u use) do u use?

  • Sharon Thomason says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Alain Gomez says:

    Nope, sorry. That’s something you might want to check out on a Google help

  • harryfanlogan says:

    Thanks for making this video! I found it to be very helpful.

  • ghanshyam sonawane says:

    Help please ‘ in my blogger layout ‘ add a gadget’ button is not there….

  • Moon Beam says:

    thank you! you helped me sooo much!

  • Marvin Brutus says:

    would it be the same for facebook like box

  • Alain Gomez says:

    Yup! I would give you the link but they don’t allow them in comments. If
    you type in “Facebook like box” on Google it’s the number one hit. Just
    fill out what features you want and then copy/paste the code into the html


    can you give your mail id please… we need some help from you regarding
    blog building.. we are running one NGO to help poor people. so we want
    create one blog so that purpose need your mail id…

  • chamith weerasingha says:

    Thnk u so mch

  • annapark5 says:

    This video was help ful. I have a question. If you see the blog
    livsweetbakery.blogspot.com, each recipe has a picture and a description.
    If you click on a recipe, it enlarges and shows each step. How can I do

  • Mukesh Iyer says:

    mam can u Visit my blog and tell how can i improve more
    gizgast.blogspot.com please……….

  • Apollo Eventing says:

    For some reason the “add a gadget” button has disappeared from my blogger.
    any idea why??

  • Juana Rosado says:

    Super helpful! Thanks!

  • How to tutorials now says:

    This is a great. I have a step by step on money making with blogger on my
    channel. Check it out. Tell me what you think. thanks.

  • Alain Gomez says:

    That is actually one of the “dynamic” templates on Blogger, not a gadget.
    If you click on template and scroll down you’ll see some dynamic view

  • L10401 says:

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I was having soo much trouble thank you for making
    this video you just like saved my LIFE!!!

  • shreyas ukidave says:

    I was trying to add a countdown timer to my blog and finally I stumbled
    upon this video.Thank you so much……

  • Alain Gomez says:

    You are very welcome =)

  • ClubPenguinFinderz says:

    Thanks So Much!

  • Ganpati Baba says:

    this is so helpful Thank you

  • ForexScalping101 says:

    Thank you !

  • Nikki Howard says:




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