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Today, I'll take you (rather swiftly) through how to setup your first WordPress blog, in less than 4 minutes. I'll also show you how to change the WordPress theme, and publish your first blog post, with a picture included.

I use bluehost.com for my web-hosting and domain services, however there are many others out there with the same capabilities that you may use if you choose to do so.

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-Pat Flynn

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I just recently found out about a service where they set up your theme, customize it for your brand, import old blog posts you may have, and add up to 10 pages for you all in one day.

This video goes through the step-by-step process of getting a domain name and getting hosting for a new install of a wordpress blog.

in this video I am going to take you through the
simple process of getting a blog set up at Host Gator, and you'll be up and blogging in just a few minutes. One of the reasons I like Host Gator is that they have really great customer service support, so you can chat with them right here or you can call them. I talk about in another video where I review all of the different hosts that I've used, Host Gator customer service is hands-down the best, I just really like them a lot. Without any more chat about that we will get going.

What you wanted to first here, this is the homepage, so once you're on the
homepage you can just go ahead and click view web hosting plans. And then
here, you have a couple of different options that you can go with, the
Hatchling plan is the cheapest, but I would probably recommend the Baby
plan for most people. And the difference is with the Hatchling plan you
only get a single domain that you could put on this hosting account, where
the Baby plan you can do unlimited.

If I can tell you one thing from all of the bloggers that I've seen, it's
very rare when I see a blogger who only has one domain, and doesn't have a
test site or doesn't have another site that they can kind of play with.
It's really not that much more, unless you're going out three years, unless
you're doing a three-year package that's what the big deal is. But, if
you're only locking in for six months, and were only talking like $ .80

That's the other thing, you're going to save some money by locking in for a
longer rate. If you're not sure, or completely sure that you're really into
this whole blogging thing that might better to go monthly or with the six-
month rate. So, go with Baby plan.

And now that you've ordered that you want to go ahead and enter in any
domain name that you want to use, and if you have a domain that you've
already bought from somewhere else you can enter it in here. But, we're
going to go through this process you getting your domain name right now. So
we're going to go ahead and call this test blogger 135, and I'm guessing
that's not available.

And then write here what you want to do is enter an "ChristianPF", and this
will give you 25 percent off whatever package you decide to choose. And
this is where you need to decide how long you want to do this, because it's
only going to give you 25 percent off whatever the length of package you
choose. If you do one month you're only going to get 25 percent off of one
month, but if you lock in for a year you will get that 25 percent off for a
whole year or up to three years. That's where you need to decide what you
want to do.

Right here, you can enter in your username. For the rest of this stuff just
go ahead and enter in all of your information, and then what you can do is
get down to the bottom you can just go ahead and create your account. I
chose to pay via PayPal so it's going to take me here to the pay now
button, and I'm just going to go ahead and do that.

Okay, so you should be getting an e-mail from them, it might take a few
minutes and if you don't get it after a few minutes I would just use the
live chat box and just ask them about it. Let's flip over to her e-mail,
here it is, and what this is is our golden information for that. So, what
we're going to do is go ahead and were going to click on on this one right
here, it's going to take us to our control panel. We are going to need our
username, it's going to drop that in, and then we are going to need our
password, cut and paste that in. And then were going to login.

Now, we are in our control panel area. This is where we are going to get
the blog all set up for you. So were going to come down here, scroll all
the way down, under the software and services area and click on fantastic
code deluxe. This is where we are going to install WordPress , so on the
left side you can just click the WordPress button. We are going to do a
new installation.

Install a domain, whatever domain we put in. And we are just going to put
in an admin name here, and were going to put in a password. We're just
going to do pass and pass. Okay, and then the e-mail, by default it's going
to give you whatever your original username was @yournewdomainname.com, and
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