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13 Responses to How to Build Your “Fashion Library” – Blogs, Magazines, Sites, YouTube | #FFin30 {Video 8}

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    You are SO funny! I LOVE Pinterest! Except I find that if I keep all my
    current trends in it, the board gets PACKED and I don’t want to delete the
    pins! 🙂 LOL But that is a GREAT site – SO addicting!! (I need to look for
    you Steph! I have it too! LOL)

  • MonBriHai says:

    Is your boutique going to have shoes for wider feet by any chance or boots
    for wider but not super wide calves? I am kind of in between… wide is too
    wide and regular just wont zip all the way…

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    Those are GREAT! Isn’t it funny how you SO look forward to them? I always
    get the “itch” right before they arrive in the mail LOL! It is SO beautiful
    to hear what a supportive husband you have – give him a HIGH FIVE for me!
    🙂 You ARE beautiful and you deserve to feel FABULOUS no matter what your
    size or weight! And I am SO happy that I can help you – I am honored! You
    deserve to feel amazing – and I’ll help you in any way I can ♥

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    Aren’t they just FAB?! They encompass everything wonderful in life LOL 😉
    Oh that’s GREAT! What do you keep in your style file? I love the name!! ♥

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    Lucky IS amazing – Love Love Love it! I’ll have to check out Self – I
    haven’t read it in such a long time! ♥

  • Stephanie Robertson says:

    my Last Comment!! (LOL!) As Far as Fashion Boards…yall should try
    Pinterest!! LOVE THAT SITE!!! WARNING!!! It can be addicting!!! 🙂

  • Stephanie Robertson says:

    Not the Biggest US Fan but LUCKY IS MY BIBLE!!!! Then I also like SELF to
    stay Healthy and Motivated with a hint of Life and Style! 🙂

  • LadyEMC2TV . says:

    I really like these types of videos. It’s great to see your point of view
    on fashion. Great Video!

  • Stephanie Robertson says:

    I will be commenting while i watch ur vid…lol!!! ok,,,here goes! I LOVE
    STYLE WATCH TOOO!!! Its my Absolute FAVE!!! 🙂

  • eveymg01 says:

    Great video! So exciting

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    HAHA! I love it! It’s SO super cute – and I can’t wait! We’re getting super
    close – hang onto your handbag! Just a little bit longer!! ♥

  • Aleigha Larrondo says:

    It SO is!! Isn’t this great!? I will make sure I get a good variety of
    stuff for any body type an size. I have the SAME problem – believe it or
    not I have to wear a WW width in boots for my calves – so I hear ya
    girlfriend!! 🙂 Jump over to Facebook and answer my poll on shoe sizes (I’m
    trying to get a good idea so I have the right sizes 🙂 THANKS!! ♥

  • sharon clance says:

    how long have you been into the fashion for plus size lady i need so much
    help i would like to talk to you alone about myself



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