How To Create a Blog Tutorial in Telugu (

How To Create a Blog Tutorial in Telugu

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Create a WordPress blog and explore the blogosphere beautifully with our new 2017 WordPress blogging tutorial for beginners. Feel confident as you learn how to make any kind of WordPress blog with the Blogging Scorecard as your guide. Love what you do and ask yourself: If not now, when will you build a blog?




Website Tour 1:42
Inspiration Blogs 4:40
Download and Print Scorecard 10:28

Hosting + Domain Name (Where we make a blog website foundation on the same technology as Fortune 500 companies)

Choose Domain Name 15:49
Get Hosting 19:58
Install 34:47
Change Password 36:07

Create Your Blog (Where we make a wordpress blog from scratch)

Login 39:27
Dashboard Tour 40:55
Permalinks 47:44
What is a Theme? Install Theme 49:38
What are Plugins? Install Plugins 57:49
Write First Blog Post 1:01:59
Upload Images 1:12:33
Add More Blog Posts 1:23:04
Create Image Gallery Slider 1:31:49
Create Logo 1:33:15
Create Pages 1:41:30
Create Menus 1:50:04
Add Social Media Icons 1:52:40
Search box 1:55:47
Social buttons 1:58:30
About box 1:59:50
Instagram widget 2:04:30
Facebook box 2:06:03
Subscribe box 2:07:41
Google ad 2:18:04
Latest posts 2:27:18
Another Google ad 2:28:12 (Please note that we also learn how to make money with a blog here. Blog smart - don't monetize too fast and focus on the content those are strategies which will make blog money / income in the long run)
Promo boxes 2:29:25
Shop 2:34:00
Drop down menu 2:40:01
Instagram footer 2:42:00
Copyright 2:42:53
Image effects 1:14:20
Big promo boxes 2:50:37
Google fonts 2:54:02
Congratulations! 2:58:54

Hello Folks! If you made it down here as you make a blog with WordPress thank you so much for joining! Use this free WordPress blog tutorial to learn to blog, get a blog site fully off the ground and take away valuable WordPress skills to create blogs in the future. I tried to condense my 5+ years of blogging experience into 3 hours so you can blog on WordPress quickly and better than the masses in our blogosphere!

If you learned anything about how to blog or how to make a blog website here I'd love to hear your experience in the comments -- I try to get everyone a response!! =)

How To Create a WordPress Blog - 2017 - Make Any Kind of Blog!

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36 Responses to How To Create a Blog Tutorial in Telugu (

  • Iliyana P says:

    Hey Greg, in my plugins i don`t have "WP insert code". Can i use "insert code be Angie Makes"? Is it gonna have the same effect? Also i don't have IG as a widget, can i download it from somewhere?

  • Sheina Raskin says:

    thank you!!!!!

  • Marcel Borck says:

    Hey Greg where do i get the Email when somebody want to contact me?Its a stupid question but i send my self one and i didn't get it?Thx

  • Andre L. Vaughn says:

    One of the best WP tutorials I've seen online. I appreciate it Greg…Thx

  • Nina Zapala says:

    OK, if I am transfering my domain from GoDaddy do I need to put in the first and second name server? If so I can't seem to figure out how to do so using a transfered domanin name.

  • Bar Vardi says:

    Hey Greg I can't see the google ad on my blog

  • David Leatherman says:

    HELP!!   First of all thank you so much for this informative and well put together video.  I used the laurel theme to build an incredible website following your step by step instructions.  But for the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to get rid of the Address info (Default 123 anylane, etc) and the FIND US button sitting over it, located just above my footer social media links.  I have tried EVERYTHING.  Please help.

  • Charlein Downs says:

    Hey, Greg is there a way I can pick any other theme then Laurel and still follow your steps. Just because of cost-effectiveness right now? Or can I start with any theme and then change it later? But, will i have to redo everything such as my side bar or categories or everything will just fall into place on the site. If that make sense.

  • Le'Vu N. says:

    Hi Grey – currently using the laurel theme, and stuck on how to place a blog disclaimer? Need your help on this. Thanks!

  • Ashwani Bhutani says:

    when you buy a theme can you use it for multiple sites under the same hosting or do you have to pay individually

  • The Evolista says:

    HI Greg – Amazing Tutorial! Thank you so much! How do I add a pop-up subscriber box? I created one with the form in Mail Chimp and I have the code but I don't know how to add it to the blog.

  • Allison Harrison says:

    Hi Greg! I am about an hour into this video and when you are creating your first blog post I do not have the Post Settings option at the bottom of my screen or in the screen options area at the top. Is that unique to the theme you used because I am using one of the wordpress free themes. I also notice at the very bottom of my blog it says Powered by WordPress and then says the theme I am using, on bloggers I follow there is always a copyright / all rights reserved line, mine does not have that and it is stressing me out lol. I did purchase my domain through bluehost and everything.

  • Dutchie On A Journey says:

    Can you also change te colors of the buttons and etc. ? I really like the Laurel theme but I would like to make it more personal

  • naama ozeri נעמה עוזרי says:

    I can not install the template and have an error note after installation ,i have not changed anything

  • Sadie J says:

    hi greg thnak you for this! im having a small is my side bar is gone. how do i get it back? also the pics at the top of the page are coming in huge how can i resize them? thank you!

  • Sadie J says:

    SORTED! 🙂

  • Jason Doedderlein says:

    Greg, Just wanted to say thanks. I have been struggling through trying to create my own site and working with various themes and this was infinitely helpful in getting me going. If you have any interest in seeing the initial result of your guidance (it will, of course, be a continual work in progress), check out Thanks again!

  • Greg Narayan says:

    If you're looking to make a blog about what you love doing – your music, travels, fashion, cooking, advice, gardening, gadgets, real estate, graphic design, random collections or anything else which is probably amazing – you're in the right place!

  • Bavajan heena says:

    Thank you bro

  • vinay vadla says:

    hello can u please tell me how to setup custom domain

  • Uday Kiran says:

    who's r un employee person job less person call or what's up 7997485797

  • Rajitha Nagulavancha says:

    im having some doubts about this blog,may I know ur email id

  • Basil Guntur says:

    Thank you bro

  • shaik sajid says:

    congrats anna news paper lo vochinanduku , anna next video on advertisements kavali

  • Aishu R H says:

    how much u vil earn money per month by blogging

  • SBMNRS Creation says:

    Hi friends subscribe my Chanel

  • abc 123 says:

    mobile tho create cheyaccha blogging


    How upload videos and pictures in website

  • online money says:

    Bro Copyright rava bro

  • Vikram Gummalla says:

    bro new bloge create cheste google lo vastundha ? ravataniki emaina cheyala

  • Satish Kumar Akkivarapu says:

    Super anna

  • Pavan vijjum pspk says:

    jai power star

  • Laxmi prasad creations says:

    how to create google page

  • jaya prakash says:

    Anna blogger lo post cheyyalante amount pay cheyalsi vuntundha cheppandi anna


    వీడియో నచ్చడం కాదన్నా నేర్చుకున్నాను.
    Thank you Anna thank you so much

  • MY STUFF says:

    bro .. bogger ni website ki link cheyavacha brio .. or .. blogg and website separete na



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