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21 Responses to How To Create A Blog With WordPress | A Free Website Software Builder

  • Scimmia Musica says:

    how does having an ads in your blog works?

  • Jayden Huygen says:

    Thanks for the vid man! I was looking to start my own blog for a while now.
    Does anyone know where i can get some cheap webhosting?

  • James Stafford says:

    This is easy to do. You can simply insert ads into a Text Box. The
    advertiser should have ads for you to insert, simply copy the HTML (or even
    text) they provide you and paste it into a Text Box (Widget Area – Left
    Side Bar) on your Main Page. Place that Text Box in the green boxes on the
    right-hand column if you want it to show up on every page of your site.
    Hope this helps!

  • James Stafford says:

    HA!! Just click the new link I posted above..

  • grigoras sandu says:

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  • Spook SEO says:

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  • NUR BALQIS Qahira says:

    thank you for the information..

  • Hellen Koman says:

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  • Sophie lenzen says:

    Hey Jayden, You should try hostgator. very cheap and very easy to start
    your blog there. you can get discount aswell by using discount coupons. I
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  • maldivesempowernetwork says:

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  • James Stafford says:

    Sure… no problem. If you would like to learn more from step-by-step video
    tutorials. go to my membership site at: WebsitesMadeEasy.tv

  • ariful alambba says:

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  • Jyoti wadhwa says:

    Nice video.. thanks for sharing.

  • queenjoy67 says:

    Thanks so much James. I have always loved writing and think it’s time that
    I start a blog. I am unfamiliar with setting up a website, but your
    instructions were user friendly. I think I might take a stab at it!!!

  • peter snell says:

    sorry description too long not interested

  • undakuv@ says:

    WTF has this video got to do with RACE??

  • Ann Phenix says:

    I appreciate the simplicity of your information. Very user friendly.

  • James Stafford says:
  • undakuv@ says:

    and if you do stone research, you find that white people have always been
    the minority.
    It just appears the other way round via TV etc.
    Love all humans and get though life learning.
    You sounds like a right idiot ranting.

  • NeXus 20 says:

    http://www.weebly.com/link/DTKd45 you can try weebly it is much easier 

  • jamie schmidt says:

    Thanks James really helpful



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