Follow:!/williamtribe Please like and favourite if helpful. In this video I show you how to create a free blog / website for free. I use a ...
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Get Free Help: Learn how to create a blog step by step for beginners! In this video I show you how to make a blog website using the same ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to How to create a FREE blog / website tutorial (you will have a free website in 10mins)

  • R Rene says:

    Hi Tyler – I found your beginner blogger video very helpful. Thanks for
    uploading. A lot of the WordPress features you show in the video aren’t
    available in the free account. Will I need a paid account to follow the
    tips you outlined?

  • Sherri Britt says:

    Awesome Sauce!

  • Jeff N. Haglund says:

    Wow, great tutorial. Thanks Tyler.

  • Wayne Taylor says:

    Hi Tyler,Have started installing the catch theme for my blog as per your
    blog for beginners video.When I came to your instruction of installing
    FEATURED SLIDER,this is not under Appearances on the latest version of
    catch.Please advise if there is a plug in I can install,because I want a
    Featured slider.Please advise what the plug in is called or would I have to
    use the customised theme that is in appearances/themes?

  • SlapTheSam says:

    AMAZING TUTORIAL!!! Make more easy and awesome vids please !

  • Johnny Ellis says:

    You’ve done it again, It’s been great watching you in action. I did like
    you again.

  • Drodrigoo says:

    Hello, does this work for the blogger site ? 

  • Lisa Wade says:

    Great Tutorial!

  • Manny Cepeda says:

    Great! Great video tutorial. There’s only one thing I would like to know.
    I’ve already have a website but it doesn’t have a blog. Once I create the
    blog (with your tutorial help), I want to have a link that takes me from my
    site to the blog (that will be easy, I know how to do it), but how to I
    come back to my site from the blog? Can you show me how to add that to the
    blog? Thanks a million. Manny

  • cauwel3 says:

    Man, I have been watching your videos the last few days. It’s a great
    service you are providing. Hopefully it’s as easy as you make it look.

  • DavidH071 says:

    thanks so much. amazing thanks for taking time to share this.

  • Sandy Grey says:

    Hi Tyler just came across your video, very good, thank you :)

  • PersianBroskieVideos says:

    For anyone having troubles finding Featured Slider, go to ‘Appearance’ then
    ‘Theme Options’. You till then be able to click on Featured Post Slider.
    Hope this helps.

  • Shystichu says:

    My only question, and I’ll probably figure it out, is how do I remove the
    search bar from the header area. I find it redundant to have it there and
    under the hero image too.

  • Ian Ong says:

    do you have to pay separately for your domain name or does host gator
    offers free domain names on their monthly plans?

  • To Infinity_And Beyond says:

    It’s SOOOO long

  • Amy Blitchok says:

    Exactly what I needed to get started. Now I need to learn how to do some
    customization. Any suggestions?

  • MsBellCOco says:

    Hey i live in switzerland but can i use it to.

  • The Off Grid Prepper says:

    vey good video, you are a pro , thanks
    just getting into this and will watch it a few times to get it down pat,
    kep it up,
    tks again

  • Sebas Tahalangi says:

    You made it so easy for dummies like me to follow. Thanks, Tyler. 

  • Rachel Guglielmo says:

    What a great video!! You were descriptive, thorough, and extremely
    detailed, I SUBSCRIBED!! 

  • tess kee says:

    can I ask your opinion? What do do think of Blogger .com? could I make just
    as much money on their ads as having a web site like this?


    Im 17 and would like to make an urban and mma photography blog. Any advise?
    Much appreciated Tyler. This would be my first “social media” thing i have
    ever made/ get into

  • Lenon Honor says:

    Excellent video! Liked and favorited. Is the Catch theme mobile
    responsive? Thanks!

  • Janice JNice says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It was a TREMENDOUS help! I used it to
    build my website and now I’m almost finished! You’re the best Tyler!

  • Chesley Thompson says:

    I am a wordpress expert and I made a series of video tutorials about
    wordpress. WP developers agree that this is the most comprehensive
    wordpress training ever created. I posted a sneak peek from the training
    course on my channel. check it out.

  • Zelma Petroski says:

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  • TheRustyLIVE says:


  • 8181gregg says:

    Thnx man it help a lot ,

  • Francisco Ferraz says:

    these comments are…weird….

  • David Baeza says:

    if you know how to code on computers you can make your own website and
    literally make it however you want, any design any layout any pictures any
    title im just gonna make my own .

  • ariful alambba says:

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  • crested sunny says:

    nice one there

  • Jenna Marie says:


  • MrMusic4free says:

    thanks, never thought making a website would be so easy

  • AllFreeDownloadz says:

    3px double #0033FF; color

  • Romano says:


  • JiggyGinJoints says:

    is this your new channel?

  • benedic francisca says:

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  • Sugar Bear Gaming says:

    thanks, i tried this it actually works, i am going to sell my piece of art
    on here

  • tee says:

    Thank you, its so wonderful when someone knows something about this, and
    chooses to share the knowledge! Thanks again. How is the security on a site
    created in this way?

  • Samantha Sophia says:

    lol I use cam studio recorder too!!

  • crested sunny says:

    but you cant people find me on google

  • Ali Nasif says:

    and this is completely free??

  • P Pawlik says:

    Looking at this video made me recommend PayMeZox to you all. You will
    surely love the job offers and the pay is excellent. Anyone can get started
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  • Denise Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I am trying to start a blog and had no
    clue of where to start.

  • thomas williams says:

    Why is the text in a different language



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