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22 Responses to How to create a Landing Page for Free – Landing Page Tutorial

  • b hassan says:

    hey Kirk i am also doing similar offers add me on skype i got a proposition
    for you, my skype is bizaradverts i can also help you with paid traffic i
    done over $52k in 80 days with another program called

  • Romer Ruper says:

    Kirk this is fine.This only creates Landing Pages that capture your leads.
    But how do you redirect your landing page to your affiliate page?

  • robert lynch says:

    this is a scam these landing pages have your link inside so all the
    commsins go to you be warned 

  • flashlight 222 says:

    How do you get traffic to your landing page ? Are you using PPC or anything
    else ?

  • Sharon St. James says:

    Excellent job of explaining this, Kirk. Really appreciate your sharing,
    and especially the link for Easy Landing Page Pro. Thanks, and good luck in
    your business!!

  • Chris Doherty says:

    Why can’t I get it to go to step six, Once I put in my autoresponder code
    and press next, A page comes up and tells me there is no step 6.

  • francis ng wee peng says:

    hi kirk, does the email response able to support corporate email?

  • Soummyadip Singha Roy says:

    Awsome stuff Kirk, really thank you and The Legend in my eyes THE VICK
    STRIZHUES from the bottom of my heart.REALLY YOU GUYES ARE AWSOME.

  • Nathan C.S. says:

    I tried to use my subdomain for this software, but it just showed me a
    blank page that says “cbi”. Do I have to use my main domain in order for
    this thing to work?

  • francis ng wee peng says:

    Does it support facebook landing page as well?

  • Donese Carr says:

    How can I use the software if I do not use GetResponse or Aweber?

  • Kirk Lau says:
  • Shane Edward says:

    can you show me how to write the code to have a full page video background?

  • Jerry Goldsmith says:

    I tried it in Firefox and Chrome and get the same message

  • francis ng wee peng says:

    hi kirk, how do we make this into our facebook landing page?

  • adu joseph says:

    hey… I am trying to get the ELPP but refused access… can you help me
    with it?

  • Johhny Schwag says:

    Can i redirect the xapture page to another page with out having the landing

  • Jerry Goldsmith says:

    Is working. I get to the website but it wont let me create an
    account. I fill in the info and click to activate and I get this: Bad
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an
    ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    What is up?

  • Audrey Mcalady says:

    If users wanted to add the video on the page instead…can they? I’d use
    the button to click to buy now, instead.

  • Audrey Mcalady says:

    Okay, just signed up but I can’t figure out how to log in because the 2
    boxes are blank and all that came in the activation email is my username.
    This is confusing!

  • Ismael P says:

    Hi Lau did you take the course and classes from high traffic academy?, if
    you did can you share your results? is it true what Vick promise about the
    money that can be made online , I know this course is taught by Vick which
    is one of the best marketing gurus

  • TOnksiy says:

    Kirk what topics are there I was thinking of fifa coins websites where with
    some you could get a affiliate link



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