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How To Create A Blog - Create A Blog
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I have been asked countless times to make a video on how to create a blog. Making a blog is something that is actually very easy to do. It's my assumption that people have trouble doing it simply because they haven't done it before. If that is the case, building a blog can be inherently difficult without someone showing you how to do it.

That's why I wanted to created this video on how to make a blog. I walk you step by step through the short process of creating a blog. We start by getting our domain and hosting set up so that we can go live on the internet. And then we move into the next step where we actually begin creating a blog using wordpress.

My hope is that this video can be the ultimate answer whenever somebody asks how to create a blog or how to make a blog. I hope that this was helpful to you and I wish you the absolute best with everything that you do!

If you have any questions at all, consult the tutorials below or shoot me a message!

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How To Create A Successful Blog

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13 Responses to How to Create a Simple Blog using WordPress.com

  • J's Tech & Tips says:

    Great Video, very informative. You have a new sub. If you would like please return the favor…thanks.

  • cloydar says:

    Thanks a lot & All the Best!

    Stay Blessed!!!

  • Cynthia Millar says:

    Thank you! Generous and Sweet Energy

  • ekpenyong okpo says:

    good video!

  • junerose365 says:

    This was extremely helpful! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  • Alan Kaplan says:

    This was extremely helpful you are a young man with a lot of talent! I don't know where you end up, but you really have a knack for public speaking and teaching. This is the best presentation of this type that I've seen ever. I would like, to have you selling for my company!

  • Shelly Elliott says:

    Thank goodness for you! I have a website, which does not give me the capabilities I want. I chose a different host, and came up with the same problem. I felt lost. Every time I Googled, How to Create a Website/Blog I came up with so much information, but nothing just told me step by step what I need to do. Until tonight when I found this video! Thank you so much. I look forward to more videos from you, like for instance how do you create a video like this one. Much appreciation!

  • SimpleWebTuts says:

    AWESOME Shelly!! So glad that you found it helpful!
    Best of luck with your website!!

  • Jochen Allardice-Grein says:

    I spend hours last night trying to get my blog sorted out, nothing worked, and I got so frustrated that I cancelled my subscription to the hosting company, even though the problem was clearly sitting in front of the computer. However, this morning, once the induced beer frustration from the previous night wore off, I decided to do it again. I watched your video and followed it, and I have a blog, you have no idea how grateful my wife and kids, because I was such an ass last night, many thanks

  • Rugeen Kurdi says:

    thanks this helped

  • Sabrina L. Williams says:

    great video!

  • Let's Build WordPress says:

    Great video, dude!

  • James Pedigo says:

    Great video so far. Only a few minutes into it. I'm going to email you a question.



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