Learn how to create almost any website by really understanding WordPress. This tutorial is for beginners and you can track your progress with the Checklist. Today you can create your website, launch your business, build a blog, have a store or make a non-profit.

Keep track of your progress download the checklist here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tylers/website-checklist.pdf


Introduction - 00:00:00
Download or Print Checklist - 00:01:16
Get Domain Name - 00:05:34
Get Hosting - 00:05:34
Install WordPress - 00:13:00
Login - 00:16:43
Welcome To WordPress - 00:19:30
Change Password - 00:20:47
Permalink - 00:21:58
Understanding Plugins - 00:24:28
Understanding Themes - 00:30:49
Install Theme - 00:35:18
Create Logo - 00:41:07
Upload Logo - 00:44:49
Delete Page - 00:46:46
Add Page (old) - 00:48:02
Add Page (new) - 00:53:15
Create Homepage - 01:02:19
Set Homepage - 01:04:55
Menu - 01:06:42
Menu Colors - 01:10:14
Contact Page - 01:12:15
Blog - 01:16:42
Sidebar - 01:24:24
Comments - 01:28:40
Website Title - 01:31:57
Store - 01:33:31
Email - 01:41:10
Congrats - 01:46:08

Credit: Panthurr

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16 Responses to How to create free blog & its pages in Blogger.Part 01

  • hoteleden says:

    Random home movie: A reminder to get out of this chair and engage my family. Here's to practicing cello with my son.

  • David Weller says:

    Thank very helpful and saved me much time.

  • Nabil A says:

    Thanks a lot Tyler. I followed this vid step by step and my website is up and running.

    I have one question: the body text on the site looks faded and it's not as clear as I wanted to be. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Reviewer says:

    Great video on WP. It was very informative. Just a suggestion, many of the "click here to skip video" links are missing or have the wrong link on them. You might want to edit.

  • jackiespino says:

    Just starting this tutorial, but hostgator said I had to change nameservers? That wasn't covered?

  • Patrick Bugeja says:

    How do you set up the wordpress platform to begin with for us newbies?

  • Sports Dil Se says:

    Hi Tyler, Thanks for helping a non tech guy to create a website. need your help to understand something in related to wordpress themes, install uninstall. I'm from India. and would love to get your help. Thanks Abhik

  • vincentlockhart1 says:

    Great video. Thanks.

  • RedBlueTalk says:

    Excellent, I could use more on WooCommerce.

  • Parafian12 says:

    when I click full width page there is still big strpis on sides. How to remove it? Please help

  • Drew C says:

    One of the best WordPress tutorials I've seen. Everything organized and very easy to listen to.

  • jackiespino says:

    I can't see Home or About on my Header. I figure I hit the wrong button somewhere but I've searched and can't figure out what I did wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  • Shy Speaks says:

    Thank you Tyler!! This video was great and a lifesaver!!

  • Marc Giles says:

    Great tutorial. Wonderful family videos. Thanks

  • Travel Twosome says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for the nice tutorial. The Page Builder shown in the video is not compatible with the latest WP version 4.8. What can be done?

  • donwhindy labarge says:

    Tyler, How can I change the font/text size and color in the search bar/box? I'm in 4.8 wordpress with the latest tesseract theme, using the beaver page builder.



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