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Affiliate marketer Shawn Collins answers a question about whether an affiliate should create a Facebook page instead of a blog.

Q: Any downside to starting with a Facebook page vs. blog? We have a following of animal lovers and want to create a place consumers can go to purchase products that give back to animals and their environment. Been advised to create an MVP (minimum viable product) and if that does well, we can expand to a more sophisticated website. Bought your Extra Money book and looking forward to reading it. Helpful to hear if you would recommend or dissuade us from STARTING with a Facebook page to post affiliate links and easy ways to help animals. Thanks!

A: You should definitely create a Facebook page, but it doesn't have to be Facebook page vs. blog.

Make your blog the main home for information, a place where you collect leads by building an email list. Then also have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.

Think of all of those as traffic sources for your blog. You can syndicate your content to a lot of these third party sites, so people can consume it in the places they prefer.

Not everybody will come back to your site for updates. Some would rather see them on Facebook or Twitter, so you can reach them there and lead them back to your blog.

I am not familiar with the term MVP (minimum viable product), so I can't comment on that.

Focus on creating quality content and sharing offers that are relevant to your audience. And build an email list from your blog and funnel those people from your newsletters and social media back to your blog.

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