An educational video about blog customization on Blogger, given by DJay32. :D.
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  • katinemri says:


  • Creepyisawesome10 says:

    What is that capture. OH MY GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING

  • Patricia Payen says:

    Hey guys come to and check out Patricia Payen’s View. Don’t
    worry guys just because this is titled Patrica Payen’s View doesn’t mean
    I’m going to talk about nothing but shoes, my love life problems, and what
    guys the hottest. Ok, I’ll admit I’m lying about the hot guys, but don’t
    that stop you. This blog is going to have a lot of different things. For
    one I’ll be reviewing movies, music, shows, comics, anime, and manga; hey,
    we all have a little geek in us. There will be top 10 lists, celebrity
    info, my personal opinion things going on in the world. If you have
    anything specific you want me to make review, or make a top 10 about, or
    even if you need me to post some advise leave a comment. I hope you all
    enjoy. P.S. that wasn’t a suggestion. YOU’D BETTER ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asmudi barkah says:


  • Elid Dedja says:


  • Elladka Zaichikoui says:

    Awww ur voice is so cute!! I enjoyed this video!! Tyy

  • Gazlan Sahmeiy says:

    thx dear 

  • eros blasco says:

    You’re sooo cool and funny!

  • Demola Abdul says:

    great video…u did a great job men…

  • Abdullah Umar says:

    WoOoW ! easy in your keyboard m8 >.< ! thank you. Really helpful video

  • Krystle Chan says:

    This was really helpful. Thank you! 

  • Philippine Outsourcers says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial Jordan! We enjoyed watching your
    video, really. 

  • Sultan Haider says:

    can i copy any movie links and stills and show them on my blog is there any



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