How to embed a picture into a Shopify Blog Page

I will show you how to make the image / picture look good on you blog page or regular page. This video will give you step by step instructions on how to position your photo and wrap your text around it for a polished look.

Planning. (this is the part I do not cover in this video)
Find a suitable image to post on with your copy
Upload the image using FILES and click the UPLOAD FILES button
Open a blog page on Menu (Online - Pages - click Add Page)
Write your blog post copy.
Save your work. It does not autosave.

Now carefully follow the steps outlined in the video and you will learn how to add a photo and to position it within the text to make it look professional.

Pro Tip.
Use the Image Alt Text box. Put in a description of the photo as it relates to the blog to improve your SEO so you're web content ranks better in Google.

Cat no want picture! Y U NO!

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