If you ever wanted to peek inside an online entrepreneurs operation and see a practical breakdown of the tactics that got them there - you will LOVE this episode!

For more on Natalie MacNeil go to http://www.shetakesontheworld.com/
In this episode, you'll learn:

1:40 The beginning of Natalie's story
16:20 How to get organized and set yourself up for success
33:42 Advice for aspiring authors, speakers and entrepreneurs
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24 Responses to How to Grow a Blog Into a Successful Online Business | Natalie MacNeil with Kelsey Humphreys

  • Jamie Norris says:

    Thanks Stephan. Good stuff.

  • Jon F. Lee Marketing Communication Services says:

    Good content. It's interesting that Stefan actually does practice what he preaches. Many lectures of this sort are really just ploys to actually get people to whip out their wallets as quickly as possible. By contrast, I find that Stefan generally keeps his content to what is promised in the title.

  • Lisa Halligan says:

    Thank you! I've been loving your site. You're a real inspiration to me. Time to ramp things up on my blog! I've got eight kids I want to be home with full time (I'm a nurse) but I'm the breadwinner since my husband had three heart attacks two years ago.

  • Reiss McKenzie says:

    Whats up with the dislikes? I thought this video was really good. Thanks Stefan

  • Julie Bennett says:

    Stefan…I was a fairly successful internet Marketer years ago. After some personal setbacks I was about to give up with getting back online again since so much has changed, but your videos have given me new inspiration. You are one of the only marketers that actually shares quality content and I really resonate with that. I have the same interests you do, plus a few more and will be starting a new blog thanks to you. Thank You!

  • kimy D says:

    thanks for sharing this, been working on my blog but I need tips on blog monetization

  • Katina Davenport says:

    Passion is the fuel that you will need as a blogger to keep writing when no one is watching. You have to like what you are writing about in order to come up with a lot of content.

  • Janetteqb Bustamante says:

    Excellent video. I really enjoyed watching and learned a lot. Gonna apply her advices.

  • edifymeblog says:

    Awesome! She is so articulate and speaks in great detail which is so helpful! Thanks

  • The Magic Crafter says:

    I love that 5 by 5 plan! For sure going to have to put that to use!
    Another great video, Kelsey!

  • Professor Heather Austin says:

    HOLY SMOKES! This was a good one. Natalie's advice for entrepreneurs and content creation was AWESOME. I especially liked what she said about life-sourcing. Thanks Kelsey! How do you decide who you are going to interview? It must take months of planning.

  • Farah Ghazal says:

    Omg she's amazing.. I definitely need to read her book.. hahaha you are so funny Kelsey when you said she is Human … I was laughing so loud

  • Rosie Maria says:

    Great episode

  • Lisa Wilkes says:

    Excellent content! Loved this! Thank you!

  • Olesya Kostrykina says:

    Great material Thanks for it!

  • Rosie Maria says:

    Omg you're doing great interviews. Now let's get some sound and lighting. And tell you camera man to stop snapping photos on a dslr during interviews. HE is making me crazy lol. Jk. I love you ! I'm a fan. – Rosie

  • Brett Steelhammer says:

    Freaking great show! I absolutely love the batching idea! Thanks!!!

  • Euloize Chamot says:

    Hey folks !!! "Natalie decide to raise a round of funding", is there anyone who could explain to me what does that mean, what is a round of funding ? (english is not my native language). Thanks a lot !!!

  • Emilia Edwardsson says:

    I loooove this video Kelsey great job!!

  • Inspired Tv by Jamilla says:

    Natalie is very smart . Love her personality

  • Tony Lâm says:


  • Tabitha Warren says:

    wow blown away

  • Alana Alsop says:

    Great interview! I love learning about smart successful people but I wish it was just a little shorter. After about 35 minute's it seemed the questions were getting slightly redundant or maybe they could have been batched better. I know interviewing people is hard so keep doing what you are doing Kelsey!

  • DixieDebutantes says:

    Such great advice!



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