THIS IS A CLASSIC! In this video I share with you the exact formula that we've used to grow our Luxy Hair YouTube channel and Business! I've also shared this formula with many other people that have successfully grew their own channels and businesses.

These are the FUNDAMENTALS! Dismiss them at your own peril!

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17 Responses to How to Grow your Youtube | Podcast | Blog | BUSINESS

  • Nav Scheie says:

    You were on FIRE in this video!!! I'm trying to be myself (trying to do QVCA) and you have inspired me to start my channel. Thank you Alex. The world is more inspired because of you.

  • Adam Rakús says:

    I started a Youtube channel 3 months ago and my biggest problem right now is authenticity. I need to be more myself in the videos and really simplify. This video was a great reminder Alex, thank you :)

  • Yoga with Kassandra says:

    Thank you Alex! Great advice

  • Carlos Pacheco says:

    Love this, very well said +Alex Ikonn 

  • Luna Vega says:

    Loved this..thanks for sharing this and btw you might wanna check some of my stuffs at my channel too,and pleas hit the subscribe button as well :)

  • Veronica Romero says:

    Alex! What's the specific name of the camera you're using?

  • Katherine Accettura says:

    Very genuine! Thanks for these tips!

  • Vân Trần (Vaninthejungle) says:

    Great insights Alex! Thank you very much :)

  • Anani Lawson says:

    Terrific insights! Thank you;
    Looks like you were spotted in Napa Valley a few weeks ago?
    I live here and just discovered you no longer than a month ago.

  • Saska van Engen says:

    I absolutely agree that consistency and authenticity are really important. I need to like the person on the screen otherwise I stop watching and search for someone else. Consistency (uploading weekly) makes people stick and keeps them engaged.  Thanks for the video!

  • karismatikkween08 says:

    yup, i have locs so i'll never need your product but being in the film industry, if i ever hear of a need for hair extensions, best believe i'll be recommending Luxy Hair, why? i connect with the owners, i totally feel em, i get free, incredible value from all these vids…so refreshing can i tell ya?

  • Leanne Van Breda says:

    Great video Alex.  Thanks so much!

  • youngsavage80 says:

    Veronica asked a good question. I'm curious as to the camera too.

  • pnlm0018 says:

    Really good thanks for sharing 

  • Cocoa Nina says:

    This really helped me. I tend to suffer with the authenticity. I get nervous and become a script sometimes. After seeing this video, I am definitely going to just go with the flow. Nothing is perfect and trying to be takes out the authentic portions… THANK YOU!!

  • Anna Emilie (youcansitwithus) says:

    Interesting video ! I always liked the fact that Mimi and you are so natural and honest with your subscribers, and always giving great advice ! keep going because it's really great and heartwarming !

  • Monica Leslie says:

    How to Grow your Youtube | Podcast | Blog | BUSINESS



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