How to Improve Your Blog, Part 1 of 3 - Happy Marketing Club
How to improve your blog - part 1 of 3. This week is all about retention and reducing bounce rates.
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Here is a very quick tutorial on the power of blog marketing to rapidly increase back links to your website that will explode your site popularity.

Blog marketing can take a number of forms. Building blog networks is one of the most powerful and effective.

Watch the whole SEO Method and a few tweaks can put your website in overdrive.

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10 Responses to How to Improve Your Blog, Part 1 of 3 – Happy Marketing Club

  • Moshfiqul Bari says:

    Blog marketing is advised very strongly by all the experts. But I find article marketing easier than blogging. But anyways, from today I'm gonna give it a try again. Thanks for such a great video. Thanks David.

    -M. Bari

  • TheEmageon says:

    What blog networks do YOU use?

  • TheBluefirewolf says:

    @hnkdowk I'm making $900 and day and still going strong. If you find a niche thats eager to buy your bank account will go mental. Troy Olson is kicking arse and taking names when it comes to niches, check out his ebook. Take a look at this before he starts charging for it =>

  • F D Gifford says:

    This is a stupid question, but I must be dense. I am the author of my primary posts, I assume, I should write a premium article for ezine under my name & link back. Are the PLR articles I enhance and submit to other article directories, authored under my name? or another? If the quality is less, why would I use my name? Help the stupid day is today.

  • MrDisavowed says:

    If you want to make more money, you should do a google search Certor Cash Code. That can help you get the cash you deserve.

  • Moonrise says:

    I'm sure your work is top notch and not just pumped out garbage…

  • EverSpark Interactive says:

    You're correct, in that this is an aggressive approach. Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, I would be interested to know if this level of sophistication could maintain its ranking.

  • Viktor Feso Vel says:

    Great stuff Maria, just keep going. I work in this area and you have a excellent channel for those like me to engage in internet marketing.

  • Vern Evered says:

    I hold the same opinion. I find this video very informative thanks! Besides I want to mention that I utilize youtube to drive traffic to my website since I am a video marketer. Wondering how I achieve this? You should visit my profile on youtube and find out more information about how to become an top video marketer and rank #1 or any keyword.f




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