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Today's video illustrates the second most complicated part of starting to work with WordPress. Many people may think it is not worth the trouble, but wordpress definitely is. It contains some of the most powerful automated tools on the market and minimizes the amount of effort and code work necessary to building your own blogging business. Once you have overcome the hurdle of installing wordpress free blogging software - you are well on your way to setting up your blog for monetization.

12 Responses to How To Install WordPress Free Blogging Software – Ep. 6

  • HeroDanny says:

    What is that white ball on a tripod?

  • Craig Chamberlin says:

    @HeroDanny That's actually my blue snowball microphone that I use when doing screen capturing videos. I absolutely love the thing.

  • HeroDanny says:

    i looked it up on newegg
    they are roughly 90 bucks
    that is an expensive microphone
    but it is NICE
    i may pick one up

  • Hernan Ordaz says:

    I love WordPress 🙂 I use it for 3 of my sites 🙂

  • TechManiaKid says:

    Great tutorial. Very helpful. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
    I made a wordpress blog, if you want to check it out go to tech-mania(.)net
    How can I improve it?

  • Craig Chamberlin says:

    @HakerzTM Cool, maybe I'll share some plug-ins and tips that will help you out. Let me know if there is anything I miss 😀

  • Craig Chamberlin says:

    @Sergeantspoon lol

  • Craig Chamberlin says:

    @bharatkumargupta All questions should be asked at the forums, you can get there through my channel by clicking "forum" in the upper right hand corner.

  • FoxyJeff says:

    That sounds great! I make my money by watching and rating videos at
    (Replace the (DOT) with a .)

  • wilber sosa says:

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  • Saint Taurus says:

    @ljbfbon yes i mean it. what you need is just a blog site like blogger or wordpress. btw now i dont want to go to office after i found this method, its making me cash daily from my blogs >

  • Suchitra Phadke says:



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