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14 Responses to How to Make A Living Blogging interview – Jeff Goins

  • Sophie Lizard says:
  • Barbara Techel says:

    Always inspiring hearing from Jeff- thank you!

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    Thanks Laure, you rock!

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    Thanks Anne, and yep, I think Jeff’s got it nailed with his “balancing
    tension” approach to life.

  • Anne Peterson says:

    Great interview. I always learn something when I hear Jeff speak or write
    whether it is in book form, ebook, or blog.

  • Laure Cohen says:

    Because you asked just the right questions, well the answers are just
    awesome. Learned a lot and listen till the end without multitasking. That’s
    how interesting it is. Great interview Sophie.

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    Thanks for watching, Barbara – glad you were inspired. 🙂

  • JAHRuffian says:

    My friends and I want to blog to make a living. Our jobs are not so
    rewarding. Great information!

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    You’re welcome – thanks for commenting!

  • tele centre says:

    really interessting thanks for sharing 😉

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    Glad you found it helpful! 🙂

  • Shauna L Bowling says:

    Jeff Goins gives the best advice I’ve heard yet: be true to yourself.
    That’s his bottom line. I am a writer and I write from the heart. That’s
    when I’m the most passionate about writing. Jeff lives his life and his
    writer’s life through being true to his passion and saving time for himself
    and the life he has outside of being a writer. This is the most personable,
    honest message I’ve been privy to in months!

  • Sophie Lizard says:

    Yep – if you don’t truly want to write, then you won’t get it done. Jeff’s
    passion for writing shows in the ways he makes it work.

  • JAHRuffian says:

    It’s so great that we have the internet to make money. 🙂

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