In this video, I show you how to make a website using WordPress from start to finish and do not skip any steps whatsoever. I also show you how to make a blog. The...

21 Responses to How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – PROFESSIONAL!

  • Al-mahbub Khan says:

    I want to make a ebook website use in worpress but please help me for this

  • Tsidkenu Doria says:

    Thanks For this tuts. God bless. More power.

  • s nag says:

    Please teach us doing changes in WordPress editor (.php and .css
    extensions)! Please, please, please!

  • Colin Leonard says:

    Just wanted to say thank you. Over the years I have built websites with
    Dreamweaver and PS etc and recently I know I need to be on WordPress but
    just couldn’t get my head round it lol. Your videos will help me get on
    track and I really do appreciate the time you have spent doing all these.
    All the best to you fella. Colin in the UK

  • Cheng Huang says:

    When I add images to slider, Hostgator send me a message says ” Error 500 –
    internal server error”
    Please help me~

  • Himithor says:

    Hi J. I wanted to know can I add a “click here” type of icon weblink on my
    webpage(s)? Thanks. :)

  • Ashley Shearer says:

    This is great and even with me being pretty well versed in building a
    websites, it fills in all the little gaps that I wouldn’t have thought of!

  • Matt Hack says:

    i have been trying this with the new custimizr and i am not getting
    it….it seems to me that the customizr theme has changed quite a bit are
    you going to make a new video and do you do cosulting

  • Steve Martinez says:

    Does WordPress have any themes that you know of that would work well for a
    home preschool? or should I browse through them all? I need to create
    one with the help of your video. 

  • medicasl conegliano says:

    thank you for all your advices. How can I verify the website with google
    webmaster tool? I installed the customizr theme, but I can not verify the
    site with add a meta tag to my site’s home page. I tried with yoast seo but
    dosn’t work. My wordpress is 4.1.1. thank you in advance for your help.

  • Abir Ahmed says:

    I have followed exactly what you mentioned and created a fantastic looking
    website. Thanks +wpSculptor 

  • wpSculptor says:

    +Neha Raman Hey Neha, check out this plugin to use in addition to contact
    form 7.

    It should make it where you can add your contact form as a widget to your
    footer widget area. 

  • Robert Hatfield says:

    Thanks. I really get a lot of help from your videos. Beginners like myself
    can still get lost sometimes. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
    I assume you take tutorial requests? You should take a poll to find out
    what people need. Best success

  • Bashayer Alwazzan says:

    Thanks a lot that was really useful. I just have a quick question though..
    For the pages title, since my website is in Arabic, is it possible to start
    from right to left instead? I can’t seem to align the title to the right of
    the page. Could you show me how please? Thanks

  • Let's Build WordPress says:

    Great video!

  • Rufat Abdullayev says:

    Dear Josh, would you please advise me what to do?. I had created the domain
    with the HostGator, then I linked it to the WordPress website. I did not
    like the created website, and deleted it. Now I can not see my domain in
    the WordPress. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards,

  • David Stepanczuk says:

    I appreciate this and your How to Create a Custom WordPress Website –
    BEGINNERS tutorials. DOne very well: easy to follow.

    Would love it if you made an ‘HTML/CSS convert to WordPress theme
    tutorial’. Those videos are out there. Almost all are crap. Quite

  • wpSculptor says:

    +Erica Ianni Hi Erica, it sounds like the code you added to your widget
    area or the code you used for analytics is somehow conflicting with the
    theme’s code to display your widget areas. I would troubleshoot the issue
    by removing the code you added one at a time to see what the culprit is.
    When you find it, I would reexamine the code and make sure you had it
    copied exactly or try to find a way to accomplish the same thing using a
    different code or method.

  • wpSculptor says:

    +Arunaksha Nandy Hey Arunaksha, you can do that by copying and pasting the
    Google html into a page using the text editor portion of the page editor
    (instead of the visual editor). Also, you can put that html code in any
    widget area using a text widget. Just copy and paste it into the text

  • wpSculptor says:

    +HorseDesigns .com I’m so glad you figured it out! Thanks for sharing the

  • wpSculptor says:

    +Vitta and Natalia S. Hey there, I’m glad the video was helpful! This goes
    without saying but after you uncheck the full width option, make sure to
    save the change (I’m sure you are). Also, you might try recreating your
    slideshow after you have checked that option. Make sure the “wp super
    cache” plugin is deactivated and deleted. I would also check and make sure
    you are using the latest version of the customizr theme. 



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