How to Make Your Blog Awesome with Prophoto

This Google + hangout will be a training session for anyone who is running Prophoto 4 or 5. We'll cover some of the basics, I'll be answering your questions,...
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2 Responses to How to Make Your Blog Awesome with Prophoto

  • gnomin along says:

    Hi, just curious which web host would you recommend? I see Prophoto really
    suggests Bluehost. Thanks! 

  • Jason Rob Tivey says:

    Hi Julie! I’ve watched your tutorial with tweaking prophoto. I just bought
    version 5 of prophoto. I got the whole knowledge of making your website
    “blog” more awesome. I have had prophoto since version 3. I cannot for the
    life of me figure out how to make a Post Layout grid using Masonry view. I
    can turn it on and so forth but my photos are not in Masonry form. Do I
    have to adjust my ratios of my photos before I upload them to a post? I do
    not get it and thought you could help me. Will you do a video for this and
    so me before you do. Thanks Jason Rob Tivey



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