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in this video marcus will show you ten ways to monetize your blog using cpa affiliate marketing, adsense, and even your own offers.

these are the same methods he has used to monetize hundreds of millions of visitors into huge profits.

remember... no matter how "non profitable" you may think your traffic is... there is always a creative way to monetize a blog using marcus creative CPA affiliate marketing methods.

Ten Ways To Make Your Blog Convert Better

1. Use a theme that helps the user see what they are looking for fast.
2. Choose a column layout that fits the action you want your user to take.
3. Your Site Title Should DOUBLE As Your Main Headline and reiterate why your visitor is there in the first place
4. Make your graphics and advertisements compliment the direction you want your visitors eyes to take
5. Create a “Profit Flow Path” when asking visitors to click a different page or opt in for something.
6. Stop Assuming your visitor knows what you are talking about and show them what you want them to do.
7. Remind them why they are there and lead them into your content effortlessly.
8. Make sure you engage them whenever possible.
9. Subtract… do not add! Make sure your site / blog has the minimum amount of content to get the job done.
10. Next… tell them what to do next… take them to the next related video, article, site, or affiliate offer that directly relates to your content.

Get Your Free "Monetize Your Blog" Evaluation With Marcus' Blog Profit Network:
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One Response to How To Monetize A Blog – 10 Steps To Monetize Your Blog

  • Stan Tjaden says:

    Great video on how to monetize your blog.
    Follow Marcus's 10 steps and it will make a difference.
    Join BlogProfitNetwork because some of the things he mentions take time to learn. I'm still learning!



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