So you want to get more blog traffic, but don't want to pay for ads?
Here are 5 sneaky ways to promote your blog without paying a dime for paid ads.
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Yes, they provide an ROI, and if you're getting a fantastic ROI from them, you should be doing them.

But even though I'm saying they suck, I still use paid ads and I use them every single day. But that doesn't mean that's the only way to grow your business.

Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today, I'm going to share with you five sneaky ways you can expand your blog without paid ads.

#1 Go on the social web.

So whether it's Facebook or Twitter, and see what people are saying about your competitors.

Everyone's talking about your competitors. I hate to say it; you're not the only popular one out there.

That's just the reality, and you know what, your competitors may even be more popular than you.

But when you see more people talking negatively about your competition, or you see them talking positively about your competition, you want to engage in their conversation

The second strategy you want to do is go comment on your competitor's blog.

Your competitors have blog posts.

Who says you can't comment on them? If you comment, you engage and don't be negative.

Don't be like, "Oh, we're better than you "or we have better content."

You can just be like, "Nice post. "I love how you covered X, Y, and Z."

You can give some tips and then you can even say, "Oh, we also cover this, that and the other "that you don't on your blog post and if you're interested, "you can check it out here," and link back to your site.

It's an amazing way to get traffic from your competitors.

The third strategy I have for you go to, put in your competitor blog URL and see who's linking to them.

Hit up each and every single one of those people and send them a simple email. "Hey John, I noticed you're linking to, "and you linked out to this specific article related to "online marketing. "We have a similar post, but ours covers "20 more advanced ways you can double your traffic. "Cheers, Neil Patel."

By doing that and shooting out emails to other people or linking to your competitors and it's just a casual email.

You noticed, in that email, I didn't say, "Hey, you should link out to me. "You should promote me."

No, I'm not that direct. I'm just starting a conversation, making it super casual and by doing that, more people are likely to start including my blog posts on their website and link to me.

I'm getting all that data from because it shows me every single site that's linking to my competitor.

So, Buzzsumo shows you the most popular articles or the least popular articles that your competitors have.

If you put in their blog URL and it'll show you all of their most popular posts sorted by social shares.

Once you have that, what you want to do with Buzzsumo is take their most popular posts and write better versions of them.

So, use Brian Dean's Skyscraper Technique.

So if they wrote a post on 20 amazing ways to do yoga poses, I would write an article on 101 advanced techniques to do yoga poses, right?

As you can tell, based on the title, I don't know much about yoga. But you get the point.

I'm just one-upping them and doing something that's way more detailed. And then, in Buzzsumo, it shows you who shared your competitors content when you click on the View Shares link.

Then I would hit up every single one of those people and then ask them to share my content as well.

Last but not least, no one's perfect.

Everyone has a complaint. If you say you don't have any complaints, I call BS.

I complain about stuff all the time, and I bet you people are complaining about your competitors every single day.

So go on the social web, find out who's complaining, help them out and tell them about your blog. You're going to turn their haters into your evangelists.

Do those five sneaky things and you will get more traffic to your blog without spending any money on paid ads.

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