How to put ads on your blog or website Video showing you how to put ads on your blog or site from affiliate programs and Google Adsense and earn money at home. Please go to my other blog for even more tips about blogging here
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17 Responses to How to put ads on your blog or website

  • Workersonboard says:

    Screen cast-o-matic

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi Katrina, what platform are you using?

  • Katarina Oravcova says:


  • Katarina Oravcova says:

    it's blogger. also I wanted to ask you about CJ account. In your video you mentioned it's possible to create a free account but when I googled the site and wanted to sign up for a publisher account the site was asking me about company, as If I was an advertiser. So I would like to ask how to create publisher account and also get the HTML code to upload on my blog. thanks

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi Katrina, you may want to type in Commission Junction publisher sign up too see if that helps. When I log onto my publisher account it actually says client account manager. After you sign up you can join different companies that you want to promote and when they approve you to promote their ads, banners, etc you will get the html code by clicking on that particular company and copying and pasting the code from CJ. You then go to your blog and paste them in the html/script section.

  • Workersonboard says:

    I use blogger too.

  • Katarina Oravcova says:

    hi. again the same. section with question about company. Am I maybe supposed to just type my home address and present my blog as ''my company''?

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi Katarina, yes this would be fine.

  • lauren12321212 says:

    It will not let me click save when you add the Adsense gadget? Please help

  • Workersonboard says:

    You may want to reload the page or try using a different browser. Please let me know if this works.

  • Maricel Tolete says:

    Thanks for the informative video! I am trying to monetize on my blog using advertisers. I just have signed and hope for the best that they approve my application.

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi Maricel, I hope so too. Please let me know. You should get approved and not have any problems. Thank you for watching.

  • Pyramid Tank says:

    Hi i have been watching your videos for some time, in one of your videos you said you can work for your self by blogging, i would love to do that but, is it possible to make $50 a day blogging your way? if not how much can i make?

  • john b says:

    if you have the right ads on your blogger how much u can get with 8k visitors per day ?

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi John, it really depends on the advertisers budget for the day and how many people click through your ads or CTR. A rough estimate would be around $100 or so.

  • Workersonboard says:

    Hi there, you can make $50 a day and more than this. Some people earn hundreds a day from their blog.

  • God4bAndMe says:

    Hello Alicia. Thank you so much for your information. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. I do have a question: Do you happen to cover in any of your videos how to become the top 10 search results? I am thinking of starting a blog, but wanted to know if you cover traffic as far as search engine results.

    Thanks for reading.



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