This is a video giveing a over all instruction on how to screen print and what it looks like. Also everyone come check out my screen printing blog and subscr...
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21 Responses to How To Screen Print – September Ryonet Blog Contest 2010

  • Devo Castler says:

    So this is a 305 mesh, amirite? =)

  • LacedUpHQ73 says:

    7 SECONDS!!!!!!!

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @punkygirl232000 i get all my supplies from the website in the video it’s
    at 5:03 it wont let me post the name in a comment they have the best
    quality and prices for this!

  • samurai448822 says:

    305 mesh is this 305 square inch or square cm,,, help me out with the

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    This was 3 years ago so at the time it worked for small jobs. Also what i
    started using after this video was a propane heater on a low setting just
    make sure you keep the shirt moving and that it is not too close to the
    heat or it will burn. Its a lot faster then the heat gun for one color jobs
    but useful for flashing on multi color jobs. Hope that helps.

  • Javone Taylor says:

    how’s the hea tgun working for you. about how long do you have to use it
    before its cured … what type of ink are you using and how well does your
    print stand up to washing

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @bByTaNk haha damn Baby tank!! ha where you been my girl! ha well na i
    still using the same printer! hopefully soon i get a new onwe! but you
    never told me what you wanted!!! haha

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @HypeGT i was using a 305 yello mesh screen.

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    Just a washer it helps with the off contact on this press. then i learned
    how to adjust the tilt and stopped using it.

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @joker36m haha yeah it is! who is this?

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    Yeah Standard 20 x 24 aluminum screen

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @HanfordOutLine well it is a washer but its a weird kind i just found it in
    my tool box!

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @samurai448822 yess

  • WeeboPrints90 says:

    @Ryonet Hey thanks for the support! Yeah you guys too really good help with
    every part of screen printing!

  • punkygirl232000 says:

    What Kind of paint did you USE??pls. answer me.

  • HypeGT says:

    What screen mesh did you use for this halftone?

  • moyatees says:

    Nice print, Dude! What did you use to print out the half-tones?

  • 321AUDIO says:

    what is the mesh count ?

  • HanfordOutLine says:

    that’s not a washer! washers are flat that’s a nut!

  • BlackofMouth says:


  • punkygirl232000 says:

    @doskalata Where can i buy this INK??HARDWARE, BOOKSTORE or
    ELSEWHERE?>>>/pls. answer me TNX.. and can you give some type of paint or
    ink for t-shirt use??



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