Learn how to configure your WordPress dashboard so that your blogging foundation is strong and secure. This video will walk you through six essential pro blogging tips, and show you how to set up your blog so that you can quickly scale and grow your digital platform.

How to Configure Your WordPress Dashboard

1. Change Display Name - 3:05
2. Turn Off Comments - 4:34
3. Change Permalink Settings - 5:23
4. Delete Unnecessary Plugins - 7:31
5. Install Recommended Plugins - 8:40
6. Update Site Title - 11:34

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5 Responses to How to Set Up a WordPress Blog – 2016

  • Law2708 says:

    hi Ben thank you so much your info! This has really helped me so much.
    Quick question, as it relates to Changing Permalink Settings; In the Custom Structure could I use the name? Would this possible and is this ok SEO? Thank you in advance

  • MariaByDesign says:

    I have to add as a newbie, i find Ben's logical, meticulous, step by step approach extremely helpful. Despite hours on the net researching 'how to'…I am discovering tips I haven't come across until now. I'm afraid I'm hooked – eager to discover what I didn't know was out there with Ben taking the lead. Great job!

  • chey kilgore says:

    help please! i follow your step by step tutorial, after i saved the changes of the 6th step the site went blank and it says my site doesn't exist anymore, do you have any idea what i did wrong?

  • George Dimitrov says:

    Hi Ben, thank your for your useful video! Can you also suggest please how to establish particular topics and to give the visitors availability to discuss them? I'm not sure how this feature or plugin has been called… Also how to make my website discoverable in Google?

  • Veronique Louissaint says:

    Great video!! 🙂 Do you have this tutorial for a 2017's updated wordpress ?

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