I thought I'd do a little video about one of the things I'm asked about most frequently- starting a blog! I really hope this inspires any of you on the fence, and of course pop anything else below and I'll see if I can help! Enjoy!

A detailed post I did about starting a blog: http://bit.ly/2b6CCuY

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15 Responses to How To Start A Blog & Blogging Tips | What Olivia Did

  • Hasan Raza says:

    Good Work Olivia,You have shared very good blogging tips, here are some more useful blogging tips on: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/blogging-tips-for-beginners/ People might find them usefull too.Thanks

  • Natalie Rodriguez says:

    This was so inspiring! 😊 I was debating for almost two years about starting my own blog because I was so afraid of what people would think! That fear ended up motivating me to create my own wellness blog, to help other people overcome their fears, too! Thank you for your tips I’ll definitely be taking them on board 💕 I’m over at http://thehappysentiment.com/

  • Stedwick Fernandes says:

    Thanks Olivia. Inspired and got what I was looking what.

  • Kerlana Brizan says:

    I love your laptop 😍 Thanks for the tips 💕

  • Karlie Walter says:

    I worked on creating my blog last summer, I haven't worked on it since because I am at college and planned on putting my attention to it this summer. However, I have also been hesitant because I don't have anyone with previous experience to help me through my beginners process. However, this video helped me so thank you!:)

  • Sophia Vazquez says:

    thank you so much, these tips helped a lot.

  • Jakob Bourne says:

    Influencer marketing can be a very effective way in driving traffic into your blog (especially for new blogs), it works around a system of influencers (popular people) to promote other people's content – can be businesses/products or services and many more. If ever you're interested, try learning more by checking out the platforms available for it. One of the notable ones i know is phlanx

  • Ngoc Pham says:

    This is soooo useful… I just started a blog, not really serious yet but this video helped so much! Check out if you can globalcitizendaily.wordpress.com

  • MegaFunkified says:

    I REALLY found this educational, inspiring, and eased my anxiety about vlogging for only one week! Thank you!

  • Lawrence Gregory says:

    This advice is what I wanted to hear. Totally authentic, loved it! There's so much information out there which makes it really overwhelming. Everyone telling us we should do this or do that… This is definitely advice I resonate with, so thanks 🙂

  • Michelle Hird says:

    Thanks so much for this video! I'm just deciding on wordpress or blogger as I'm concerned about image space on wordpress? Is yours still blogger? Mx

  • Practice of the Practice says:

    Thanks for the great points about blogging!

  • Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Blogging Coach says:

    Hi Olivia! Totally love the tips here! That is good stuff, especially about the networking part. Blogging seems to be extremely geared toward introverts, lol. So reaching out and doing work is something not a lot of people like to do. But you have done a good job with it and glad you are pointing out the benefits of such! I have a vid similar to this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMBM3ip4Svo that talks about affiliate marketing and blogging. Thanks!

  • Analita Styles says:

    I just started a blog and I was wondering if you could check it and give some HELPFUL tips I love your blog

  • Carly Nunes says:

    i starting with wix… is that worse than blogger or word press?



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