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I started my original blog on Tumblr because it was easy - visit to start a free blog BUT if you want to do it right from the beginning, I suggest buying a domain through a site like BlueHost here to host your WordPress blog.

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20 Responses to HOW TO: Start a Blog + Career in Fitness + Make Money Online

  • Amber Barbella says:

    Would you recommend Blogspot./Blogger for blogging?

  • Adriana Zambrano says:

    Omg I remember your days congrats so happy for you!!! Keep inspiring others like you have with me. Hope I get to meet you one day if you come to Chicago 

  • AliFit says:

    Thank you for this +Sarah Fit  I'm actually taking my Personal Training test this weekend to be certified!! And I've already bought a domain 🙂 Guess I'm on the right track. I'd love to hear about how you developed your app and also how you make money through advertisements on your blog or this channel

  • Becky Bakes says:

    Sarah, what is your best advice on getting more YouTube views? How do you grow your channel and get other channels to collaborate with you?

  • LethalLeslie says:

    You didn't really say how to make money blogging and doing YouTube videos.  Can you explain that part please.

  • BrettLarkinYoga says:

    thanks for sharing – great vid!!!

  • WritersLiftToo says:

    "Update your sh*t regularly." hahaha my favorite tip, but so true! I didn't know you were ACSM certified. Huge respect for that!

  • Lindsey Bramlett says:

    Thanks Sarah! I've been thinking about starting off with an instagram/tumblr just to hold myself accountable while getting back into shape. You've just inspired me to finally do it.

  • Neil Damerell says:

    Thanks Sarah. Very helpful and inspiring! 

  • Aspen McCallister says:

    When you used Tumblr, did you primarily repost other's posts, or primarily post your own?

  • divinebagofcells says:

    Thank you Sarah!  I have my own YouTube channel and it would be my dream come true to have the success that you have created.  Congratulations!  And you deserve it!  It sounds like you worked hard for it. 

  • Nataliya Aleshina says:

    Dear Sarah! You are a great professional! You have worked so hard to get where you are! My congratulations! Very inspirational video! My best wishes to you from Moscow! N

  • Sarah KZ says:

    Thank you for all the tips and advice! I've been thinking of starting a fitness & health blog for years since i've been on a health journey but i always felt very discouraged and thinking what if people dont like what i post, what if they think it's lame, and its hard cos i live in a culture where having bad eating habits is almost glorified and those who try to eat healthy are scoffed at.. Maybe this weekend i'll just take the first step and just set up the blog..ive always had some decwnt ideas to do things but i never did and then later someone will do it anyway and they get support for what they do. 🙂 

  • KayGrayEngg says:

    I'd love to see an athletic clothing/shoes/accessories haul. I have a slight addiction to athletic wear. Maybe something to go with the changing seasons? New spring/summer gear. Love your videos, and I've said this before but your advice and encouragement has changed my life 🙂 

  • PearlTower45 says:

    Though I am not a personal trainer or dietitian (I make sure to say that too), I used to be 100 lbs overweight and not strong at all. I lost weight and started my channel to help others and because everyone kept asking how I lost the weight…I ended going to college for Radiology School and now I'm earning my masters in leadership health to learn how to incorporate my loves together, living my life and sharing my story…I gained weight after my marriage after losing that original weight and having my 20 month old but Now I am very strong, even though I gained some back, I'm still super strong and healthy…thanks for starting your channel.

  • Katherine Simonton says:

    Hi! I have a fairly popular fitness/health/wellness tumblr, and i would love to make money from it somehow since it does take a lot of my time. do you have any suggestions? thank you! x

  • Erin Henry (erinmayfitness) says:

    This was amazing! I'm so glad I found you, you're an amazing inspiration in both the fitness aspect and entrepreneurial aspect too. Haha I choose Erin May Fitness and thought it was amazing too! Oh well! Thanks Again 🙂 Love from Australia.

  • Amber Barbella says:

    Hey sarah, If i wanted to become a personal trainer, as well as teach fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, cross fit, etc. does just one certificate cover all of that? or are there separate certifications for personal trainer, and a group fitness trainer. 
    if they are separate, when it comes to teaching group fitness class, would one certificate cover teaching any class i wanted? i hope that makes sense, 3;00am, ahhh. thanks ahead of time! :)

  • BubblePopTv says:

    Just started youtube. Thanks for the vid

  • Big Philly says:

    love your videos. been watching since 2011. never had a single fitness question answered in the comments. lol. oh well. but seriously, great info here. down 45 lbs so far.



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