How to start a blog- Click Here For The Full Tutorial In this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to start a blog. We will cover...
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18 Responses to How To Start A Blog: Create A Website & Monetize Your Passion

  • san dy says:

    i have created a blog (www_strongestcomputerguy_blogspot) and i added ads
    via gadget. ads are shown normal also i have monitored there was a click
    and the estimated earnings went 0.8 dollers but at the next day i found my
    estimated earning 0. since now i am unable to see any clicks on for my
    “AdSense for Content” coloum but the views are updating. please help me
    FYI: i have changed adds and marked the unused ads as hided in my adsence
    account please help me

  • kamalneet says:

    nice cam for shooting the vid ,is it sony or iphone? also you always choose
    very cool locations , thumbs up !

  • probloggingschool says:

    Cool video I have added it as a page on my blog here great info 🙂

  • Suleman Hussain says:

    i think i know the person whom you talking about 😀

  • Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Firm Los Angeles Seoul Korea Hong Kong says:

    Charlie! you really know what you’re talking about… let’s see about
    working together and teaming up! will you gmail me at journik?

  • Alexandra Otero says:

    Always great info

  • thomas the tank engine says:

    Great advice, thanks!

  • Suleman Hussain says:
  • kamalneet kalsi says:

    good one!

  • Mike Pugliese says:

    Great #YouTube video on monetizing your blog, from the best in the biz +Guerrilla
    Marketing Ideas & Social Media Strategies! Check it out, you wont be

  • James Murua says:

    How to Monetize Your Blog? Not Adsense!

  • The Inspired Cafe says:

    Thanks for the information! I’m in the same boat. I’ve been blogging for
    almost 5 years and just decided to consider it as a viable “job” and got
    serious last year. I have been looking to monetize my blog but unsure what
    is the best way.

  • Andre' Singleton says:

    just decided to consider it as a viable job too!!!

  • Hanna Guerra says:
  • FutureTruthSpirit says:

    Bloody awesome video!

  • AtomicTim says:

    I lol’d at the cockerels XD

  • dandilyonz cassandra says:

    Hello. Im already bogging with WordPress but I dont own the domain name. Is
    there a way to go through this process and keep my content that I’ve
    already uploaded? 

  • Zach Crawford says:



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