Okay so bit of a different video to normal today, but I really hope you like it and if you are starting a blog, I hope it's useful in some way! 🙂

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14 Responses to How To Start A Blog & Get It Noticed I Dizzybrunette3

  • Lou Perrais says:


  • TahliaFabris _ says:

    OMG this helped so much. Thank you????

  • zayn ul islam says:

    thanks for the video it helped a lot, but I wanted to know if you do start a blog do you have to talk about one topic throughout your blog or can you talk about more than one thing for diffrent posts?

  • Georgina Tannahill says:

    I'm 16 and I've tried to start a blog but every time I just get scared and cancel it

  • Mary Bertsch says:

    I love your blog! Which pipdig theme did you use?

  • Belu Puppo says:


  • Belu Puppo says:

    sososo true! i love this video! i will start a blog

  • Blenda 7 says:

    Can you get money from blogging?

  • Bubble says:

    Thanks for the help and if any of you guys want me to check out your blog reply a link to your blog and I will check it out! :)

  • Ekeng Bassey says:

    Hi. I rarely leave comments on Youtube. But I had no choice than to drop one for you. You had been really helpful, as I make steps in starting out blogging. Thank you for the tips. I am originally a singer but I feel this leading to blog about things I know in a different field other than music. All the same, thank you.

  • Brendaliz De Los Santos says:

    thanks for posting. This video is so helpful. I am in the process of starting my motivational blog and this was great!

  • Saffire Fashionista says:

    Please do one on YouTube ?

  • Krystal Rose says:

    Hi. Good Day! Im trying to start up my blog and it would really help me if you answer my question it is just really simple. As a blogger is it okay if we use TUMBLR? :)

  • Faizeemah Shafiqah says:

    This video helped me so much, i even started a blog just yesterday! <3 i also slip in your YT channel link over on my first post because i was so thankful! Love you x



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