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18 Responses to How To Start A Blog: Step By Step For Beginners | Meg Says

  • ColettesOriginalsArt says:

    I need advice for starting a blog. Mainly, I'm afraid what my mum will think of it, because one of the things I want to post on it are "plot twists" in my life, like how last week I got locked out of my house so I went on a walk to pass time, THEN, SUDDENLY, I saw this REALLY cute guy riding his bike towards me. Long story short, we're really good friends now. But my mum might read it, and then she'll start teasing me about stuff like that, and she already teases me about him being my "boyfriend". I don't know what I should doooooo!!!!!!

  • Keir Robertson says:

    This is an excellent video, I've been planning on starting a blog for a long time and have finally decided today to just throw myself into it as you say! You gave me exactly the kind of tips and advice I was looking for to get started, thank you! 🙂

  • Bruce Adams says:

    Thank you for your video. Now I feel encouraged to start a blog ! Very informative.

  • Nichole Higgins says:

    I tried like a million times to switch from my mom's Google account to mine on blogger and it won't let me!! What am I supposed to do?!

  • Harsh Shukla says:

    do we need money to make a blog???

  • Carlos//SouthEast//L.A. says:

    Sorry, I couldn't get past the accent.

  • Nertila Arifi says:

    Hey, what a great video! Please follow me on Instagram, my name is @nertilaarifi or click here: https://www.instagram.com/nertilaarifi/ Have a wonderful day, Nertila.

  • Zoya Khan says:

    This is the first video of yours that i watched and totally like you. Thanks for motivating, I was confused if I should start blogging as English is not my first language but after watching you video I'm kinda more motivated. I want my blogs to be abit more personal talking about general life. I just hope I don't fail in this.

  • Vicky Bellward says:

    I've been thinking about starting one for a while and this has been the most helpful video I've seen so far! Thank you. x

  • Roderick little says:

    Thanks so much!!!!  This really helped me start my blogging. 🙂

  • vishwatej shetty says:

    @MegSays aww, that was probably the sweetest pep talk to getting started with blogging. Well done. I'm planning to start my blog soon, but the thought seems pretty daunting. Btw that's a lovely wallpaper on your wall. :)) Cheers Tc

  • Valerie Ortega says:

    I am motivated even more, by your video to blog. Thank you!

  • Darth Decider says:

    what if a blog has no real direction? what if it is a blog about nothing and everything at the same time? absolute randomness! entries can be from an array of things from "the rising cost of living and how it affects varying economic brackets from rich to poor" to "Michael Jackson" and "Star Wars"? can a blog be about anything and everything?

  • Ceri Hughes says:

    Just come across this video now as I have been contemplating starting a blog for a few months now and I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind! Thanks!

  • Liam Kelly says:

    I want to start volgs do you need go pro for Blogs

  • RosesNHoneyDew __ says:

    I love your cup! Thanks for the video very helpful!

  • Max Veldin says:

    Step one: dont.
    No one will care.

  • Chloe Q says:

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