A lot of you ask questions about how to start a blog and YouTube channel, so I'm giving you some of the basics of both! My beauty blog: http://missmaven.com ...

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  • Beautyosaurus Lex says:

    Great video, you shared some awesome tips! I love watching your videos and
    just started making my own videos back in late September, so this is very
    helpful :)

  • Ellarie says:

    you’re so amazing for this!

  • Elle Is For Living says:

    Good video – and I will go check out your blogs. I use Videopad Editor.
    It is free and excellent software. You don’t need a Mac….any computer
    with an i7 works great. Totally *LOVE* the tip of keeping videos short. I
    always try to make mine <4 minutes (not always successful lol!) I have ppl
    I love to watch and when I see their video is 20+ minutes I usually don't
    watch. Good advice. ♥ Elle

  • Jayna Patel says:

    Thank you for this video teni! Its so hard getting noticed on youtube. You
    really rapidly became one of my favorite gurus!

  • SweetEmelyne's says:

    This was so helpful:)

  • Rose Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I make videos too and I really love your
    videos! Yay!

  • uppiesbeads59 says:

    This was very informative…thank you for doing it…I have had my channel
    for 3 years…lighting and setting the camera is always frustrating for
    me…Thanks for doing this!!

  • Jenn Marie says:

    Teni this video was so perfect I’ve had my youtube for a few years now and
    I still learned a few things. You’re awesome TY 🙂 

  • Hayley Thompson says:

    Hey Teni! Congrats on turning thirty. I have watched your channel since day
    one! I have been making videos for three years now, I’d love for you to
    take a peek at my channel 🙂 

  • Teni Panosian says:

    If you’re thinking about starting a blog or a channel, here are some basic
    tips!! xx

  • TheFierceDoll says:

    I’m planning to get an iMac and mac book pro this year for my YouTube
    channel, but I’m struggling on the size of mac computers I want. How many
    inches are your Mac Book pro (13/15) and iMac (21/27)? -Thanks 

  • Hannah S says:

    Teni I love your hair colour! Thinking something similar would be lovely
    for my wedding 🙂 what did you ask your stylist to do to get this look? X

  • Jessica Imamura says:

    How did you learn to use wordpress? I have kind of looked at it but
    honestly a lot went over my head. Did you take a class or have someone with
    experience help youj? Thanks for this video!

  • Patricia Essien says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. As usual very clear, to the point! If
    there i one pet peeve i have of youtubers is that they start a video on one
    topic then move on to a random tangent (usually, oh i’m sorry i look like
    this, or, i was going to do this and that…). Professionalism is a must.
    Good luck! 

  • ShortBrokeandHappy says:

    Awesome. Question…how do you get google analytics on WordPress? I usually
    just check out my site stats but it seems like googles version is a lot
    more detailed. Thank you :)

  • BeautyMuseMakeup says:

    Teni you’re right about wordpress! it is so organized i’ve been loving
    mine!!!!! i just started about 3 days ago and i’m hooked! 

  • GlamJackie says:

    Excellent video Miss Maven! Thank you for it, however I do have a questions
    or maybe I’d like to ask you for some advice…I would really like to
    understand how to engage your audience…I get confused on the amount of
    subscribers you have vs. the amount of views, I know the difference what I
    don’t get is why do I have such a difference in my view vs. subscribers
    sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong or somewhere in the
    original setup of my youtube channel I did something wrong! It can get so
    frustrating…anyway beautiful lady I can hear you speak all day and not
    get tired your tone of voice is so pleasant and the fact that you use
    proper English is actually very refreshing…anyway I hope you can guide me
    in any way possible and maybe give me your honest feed back, I am very open
    to constructive criticism & don’t get offended…so don’t hold back!
    Loll…I would genuinely appreciate it. Besos & blessings! Xxo 


    Hi Teni, do you recommend the 21 or 27 inch imac? I have been contemplating
    a imac (have a retina macbook now) for the longest time but I can’t commit
    myself to shell out the $1500 for another computer. also, do you find it
    hard when you want to edit something on the go (like on your laptop) but
    your files are still at home on your desktop? sorry for so many questions,
    thank you!

  • naseemdelan says:

    Thank you Teni for sharing 😉 ok can I just say from your MOST RECENT #fbf
    pics on ig – you have a KILLER body!!!

  • The Platform says:

    +Teni – MissMaven.com Such great and thoughtful tips <3

  • Teni Panosian says:

    HEY BABES! I’ve answered two questions in the description box, these were
    two questions that showed up a lot in the comments… Especially question



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