25 Responses to How to Trademark Your Logo Design

  • Alex Panzer says:

    @LouGoodLife like $2,000 bro

  • djandison djan says:

    i really like your video can i contact you please?


    THANK YOU! =]

  • Terrance Johnson says:

    @bonigala I need a bit of help, I’m starting an small clothing company and
    I need advice whether to trademark my logo so no other company could use
    it. Could you possibly give me some advice?

  • MrJFLYER says:


  • MrLilp666 says:

    @samoangirlpower hahahaha

  • rjtmnet says:

    Thank you for the information! Still one thing I am a bit confused on. If I
    trademark a logo is my company name also trademarked or do I have to do
    that separately? I may change my logo in a year. Also, does the application
    only allow one image/logo at a time or do I have to submit multiple
    applications for multiple logo’s?

  • Mschicarose says:

    Very informative. Great Job!!!

  • vongoth01 says:

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  • Scott Nuss says:

    All questions answered. Thank you

  • trife119 says:

    This link is broken

  • tckross says:

    Very Good Video,Answered all my questions !!

  • CinoFranklin100 says:

    whats an example of a generic trademark Can a logo be a word thats
    re-spelled different ?

  • sdultimate says:

    Process is explanation starts at ~ 4 min 30 sec point.

  • Five Iron says:

    @grantboel1 As long as you use it in commerce. So: infinite, depending on
    your use. However, if you lapse somehow and end up not using your mark, you
    may still not be in hot water if you can prove to a court that you never
    had the intention to abandon your mark. That’s the gist of it. Consult a TM
    attorney for more details.

  • Leander Richmond says:

    Incredible helpful. Lots of information. Thank you for sharing.

  • jamiemyshawnsanders1 says:

    very good advice, Thank you!!

  • g0rdian says:

    USPTO is not an “organization”–it is a government entity. More
    specifically, it’s an agency of the federal government.

  • Kevin Weitzel says:

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful 🙂 How do you ensure your logo is
    from scratch? Can you have more than one logo for a company?

  • bonigala says:

    @srnuss Your trademark would include the design and the text with in the
    logo. However it would not trademark the name by itself – especially if it
    is a name that includes a common name or word. Yes, each application would
    include only one brand/logo. You will have to submit different applications
    for different logos.

  • JamieSRain says:

    @samoangirlpower LOL, you made me laugh.

  • MrJam45 says:

    useful information

  • samoangirlpower says:

    LIKEY,Very Well Explained. Thank You Indian man..lol

  • Goofy-Guy Kev. says:

    Hey buddy, nice video you have out, about trademarking a logo, I’m in
    Western Canada, are you close enough for me to hire you?? Kev.

  • louis gonzalez says:

    getting a trademark with a lawyer how much will it b?



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