On this episode of the This is Your Life Podcast, Michael Hyatt and his cohost, Michele Cushatt discuss my step-by-step workflow for content creation.
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Blogging is a great way to earn passive income, but you'll need a systematic approach to writing content quickly in order to produce high-quality content with a limited amount of time to invest into your site. This is our systematic approach for creating high-quality blog posts.

When you're ready to start your blog, go to https://incomeschool.com/project24 for our premium course where we show you EXACTLY step-by-step how to produce a passive income website that WORKS!
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23 Responses to How to Write a Blog Post in 70 Minutes or Less – Michael Hyatt Podcast S03E08

  • MissEllyah says:

    The information you provide is very cool guys! I used to be "post ninja" back in the days in my country. I used freaky technics and they did work lol ..and my posts were in top 1 page in google. ! Like your ideas, i need to try this one!

  • Postpartum Period says:

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  • Srimudra Creations says:

    Informative n Inspiring…thanx a lot guys

  • Peter Danek says:

    Watching your videos last 2 days. I'm in affiliate marketing for a few years and I have never seen so much insight from any of the gurus. You made my day because I'm doing almost the same thing as you. You guys are amazing you should have 20mil subscribers, ​not 20k but on the other hand it's good because of less competition 🙂 subscribed

  • Over40Love says:

    Well done guys. Love it and thank you.

  • Brian Landis says:

    Very helpful video! I love the "real world" break down of how to write a response blog like that.

  • Practical Psychology says:

    Coolest intro ever 😀

  • Param visions says:

    You are providing knowledge hooked with the entertainment superb!

  • hummne says:

    aye where is the dirt biking place located?

  • Vivid Vino says:

    Great video! thanks !

  • Emmanuel Iannacci says:

    Incredible content either way.

  • Rahul Verma says:

    Best content 👌👌👌👌

  • Richard Armstrong says:

    Great information. I'm going to follow this as I continue to write. Thank you, Richard

  • mbonillo email says:

    This is great evergreen content and I am looking forward to implementing these recommendations. Thank you!

  • Deborah Kelly says:

    Great info, loved it. Thank you!!!

  • David McKnight says:

    "Thanks Mate for your content tutorial, I find content writing really difficult. I'll definitely put this to practice, but I'm using a professional content writer for my website now. Found her in one of those freelancing site, she's been amazing for me. https://goo.gl/eLr8yU is her service page, you can check her out."

  • Jashan Singh says:

    This was really helpful

  • Nicole M. LyOn says:

    I listened to the podcast version of this talk twice–once last night, and again this morning. Then I tried following your tips and had a blog post written in about 80 minutes 🙂 The reason why it took me longer was because I realized halfway through that I was actually writing two posts in one and had to parcel things out. So, technically, I wrote 1.5 posts in 80 minutes 🙂 Thanks so much! By the way, the post I wrote is here: http://www.thewritersloom.com/blog/10-alternatives-to-nanowrimo-for-nonfiction-and-academic-writers

  • Mai Mohamed says:

    Oh my, this is extremely helpful, thanks for sharing😊🙏👌💚👏

  • Dana Marie Booker says:

    Great info for a new blogger. Thanks Michael

  • H C says:

    I wish they had a example of this….That would have really cemented what they were explaining for me. Useful suggestions though

  • Ebere Jacobs says:

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  • Tery sarver says:

    Thank you. Most helpful!



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