Impractical Jokers - Can I Take Your Picture for My Blog?

The guys have to get people to let them take photograph them for their blogs. New episodes premiere Thursday, July 16 at 10/9c on truTV

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If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera.

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Impractical Jokers - Can I Take Your Picture for My Blog?
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20 Responses to Impractical Jokers – Can I Take Your Picture for My Blog?

  • Bhupendra Roka says:

    Thanks for video and sir
    how to make post under pages please tell me
    i have pages (music,videos,events,lyrics)
    i want to post lyrics under lyrics page and music under music page
    but i dont know how to do it
    please do let me know how to do that

  • Anthony Godinho says:

    @BhupendraRoka to post your lyrics under the Lyrics page, you just visit that page (while you are signed in). And when you scroll down (near the social media icons), you will see and little yellow/orange pencil icon. If you click on it, it will open that Lyrics page in Edit mode. You can post your lyrics there and publish the page. Hope this helps.

  • Random Gamer says:


  • Robert Arnott says:

    they are joking. also, murr was taking pic without asking, and he was supposed to be askin

  • Lillith Gold says:

    They are picking on him and making jokes about him.

  • MEGAMILK says:

    They keep doing it because friends bust each other's balls.

  • zerokennyz says:

    Because you play with yourself too much at night

  • Arthur Stamer says:

    Murr is such a lucky bastard

  • Ken Machek says:

    That's one of Murr's Best Moments EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • jlrsmiles says:

    no, he's just that friend that everyone messes with

  • tsukoyomi100 says:

    Murr is iniesta!

  • Muslim Sami says:


  • JuddPlays says:

    dude. understand a joke, jesus fucking christ.

  • rbeck3200tb40 says:

    I think you misunderstood me . What is the back story on James Murray ? They all seem to know something about him that they are not telling the public. They always talk about him like hes some sort of devious pervert and has a sketchy hidden past. This is not just 3 friends joking around with each other. I watched an interview with Brian Quin .They offered him a muffin that Murray was eating and he said " Oh god i dont want to touch anything that guy touched .I dont know what ill catch"

  • JuddPlays says:

    I didn't misunderstand you. They're just friends making jokes. they wouldn't be friends with him and he wouldn't be on a TV show if he was a known pervert… dude, seriously. learn to take a joke.

  • rbeck3200tb40 says:

    Yes you did not understand what I was asking of course. I understand totally friends joking around with each other thats why i can relate to this tv show and like it. I did this with my friends for years, I was just wondering if anyone who has some insight could figure out Murray and why they always hint at him being a pervert. I saw a few people commenting here who met him on a cruise ship years ago they were wondering the same thing.

  • JuddPlays says:

    because he looks odd I guess, that's all. he's not a pervert.

  • Amber Jones says:

    I love this show so much so funny 🙂

  • All_Paths_Lead_To_Singularity says:

    hehehe oh my god best show on earth

  • Nick Winiarski says:

    1:43 murr looks like he's crying

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