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Innovitae Blog Commenting Service which uses artificial intelligence"Being active in your community"

With the advent of social media, a blog commenting service is no longer the only "means" of community involvement and participation. However, it is still very important both in the "eyes" of Google and fellow industry members.

Google sees blog commenting (e.g. not to be confused with automated blog spamming) is a reflection of a website owner who is serious about their web presence and community involvement. InnoVitae provides a blog commenting service with a twist. Here's the dilemma; it takes about 8 minutes on average to read a blog post/article and write a relevant, purposeful comment.

To really show Google that you are serious and passionate about your blog commenting, you will have to produce 200 à 400 blog comments each and every month.

Now, if you hire a fresh college grad; or use and intern who's compensated at $ 12 / hour, we can calculate the required cost of a blog commenting campaign.

300 Blog Comments / Month
8 Minutes / Blog Comment
2,400 Minutes / Month / 60 min/hour

(40hrs/mo)*(/hr)= $ 480 / 300 blog comments

-or- $ 1.60 / blog comment

Now, what if there was a way to make the same 300 blog comments each month & reduce your cost by 60% without reducing the quality?

Would you be interested?

InnoVitae has a blog commenting service which uses a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence). And, the this blog commenting service does not violate Google's "Terms of Service" (TOS)for blog commenting.

How does it work?

A-Pull together your webpages

B-Identify the appropriate keywords for each page

C-Load info into blog commenting server

D-Define how many comments to make and over a specified period of time

E-Press Go

When the process is complete the following occurs

All successfully submitted comment URLs are submitted are to our indexing servers. Here, the URLs will be resubmitted to various Google / Bing web servers around the world.

We have found through our testing we have to submit (2x) blog comments in order to calculate the number of blog comments which will be actually published.

Depending upon the package you choose for your business, we provide 200 to 600 blog comments each and every month for you.

Learn how InnoVitae uses artificial intelligence for blog commenting in order to produce great comments that comply with Google's "Terms of Service".

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