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23 Responses to Instantly Create a Blog post with Blogging Content you don’t have to Write!

  • gary puckett says:

    i in ky myself in a small town white mills ky 

  • Robert Spiller says:

    Sam, I just started with EN…could you tell me how you set up the last
    part of your video at 20.00 approximately. How can I get that gain instant
    access and so on

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    Robert, you can find the ‘instant access’ button if you do an image web
    search. Yes I did this on my EN blog. Search my channel for ‘create a blog
    post’ that will show you how to insert images in your posts.

  • Patty Pradera says:

    Thank you Samantha! Very helpful..

  • Ikeashia Barr says:

    Great post girly

  • Robert Spiller says:

    And one more thing…can this work on an Empower Network blog…so far I’m
    not sure.

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    Yes, saving time is one of the main reasons you might want to do this. You
    just need to make sure that when you re-publish articles, you follow the
    terms of service from which ever site you are grabbing content from. If
    However, you are wanting someone else to share YOUR content, you can submit
    it to these sites for others to use. ( We will talk about that in another
    video) thanks for your comment!

  • Grace Caruso-Rozankovic says:

    Thank you Samantha that was a really cool tutorial. Just a question.. does
    Google penalise for duplicate content? or is it safe to do?

  • Jorge Acevedo says:

    awesome video Samantha, if i may use your videos for future blog post.

  • Robert Spiller says:

    Consider this a done deal.

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    yes you may.

  • RAJTUTS says:

    thank you for useful video

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    Glad I could help Sonja!

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    Make sure to send a message along with you r friend request or I may not
    see you.

  • shay8207 says:

    how can i get a cheat sheet? lol im new and dont know where to start when
    it comes to posting ads at the end of blogs and things and thanks so much
    for the info it is VERY helpful

  • Sonja Fowler says:

    Wow, Samantha…where have I been? Who knew you were out here. My prayers
    have been answered. You are the MAN (WOman), I mean. This video was just
    what I needed. Moments before watching this, I joined Articlesbase. I
    glanced through their website but still didn’t have a clue. Said a quick
    prayer and wallah! up popped you. Thanks (in the millions) for sharing this
    content. Now my blogs on EN will get more visibility and I have learned
    what most MLM gurus don’t want us newbies to know.

  • Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    Robert I cant post links in the comments here. On the home page of this
    channel, look for the link in my contact info for my live training. I have
    a training from a couple days ago that I talked about the seo tool. . And
    connect with me on facebook and ill add you our Q&A group.

  • GreenTek7 says:

    Join this site: evohacksofficial.blogspot.com

  • Robert Spiller says:

    Oh I plan on going through each of your videos that relate to empower
    network. I need to learn as much as I can. I wish I could talk to
    you…why….I had a score of 68 or my first blog…I went in to make some
    adjustments and now it’s down to 8.8 something…I have to laugh to keep
    from crying. I don’t know what I did…I’m kind of confused. For example,
    it says add a keyword to my h1, h2 h3 tags, and I can see the keyword is
    right there. Could you help me in this when you have time.

  • Robert Spiller says:

    Should I delete the site and start all over again. I’m just stumped at this
    mess that I created….

  • CSmith806 says:

    Great video, Thank you for sharing – Good job!!

  • Walt Mcroy says:

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    low or medium competitive key phrase.The issue is that you without a doubt
    need to invest in premium content and register the accounts by hand.I
    always use *r8seo* for that SE service.

  • Evan Worldwind says:

    Give Thanks Sister for sharing your knowledge on the web. As a beginner in
    the blogging world you video training was extremely helpful. You clearly
    answer a couple of my questions particularly the question on how to legally
    use another writer article. I immediately subscribe to your network. I am
    looking forward to view more of your videos for empowerment.
    Much Love. 

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