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In this video, I respond to an email from someone who asks for advice as to whether or not they should blog about what they are learning despite being a beginner programmer.


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15 Responses to IT Blog

  • ParadoxBassMachine says:

    sound quality is the worst .

  • Stjepan Brkić says:

    4:25 is kinda contradictory with "Fake it till you make it"

  • Daisy Lopez says:

    I'm in my late 20's and have been in and out in college because of financial issues. I'm taking Computer Science, btw. Currently, I'm not enrolled and I'm taking advantage of learning online…. and planning to write a blog about my progress. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your advice, sir.

  • Raghav Ramesh says:

    "Have strong convictions, but hold on to them loosely" – wow 🙂

  • Nelson Altares says:

    What is that productivity technique tell me..

  • Chris Johnson says:

    "Batch" – I love programmer-speak!

  • Matthew Husted says:

    Oddly enough, I share a close background to Jeremy. I left the military and intelligence community a few years ago (spent time in USSOCOM as well!) and decided shortly after to pursue web development. This video answered one of my main concerns about starting a blog and whether I am ready. Maybe I could talk about my transition and even the challenges (and benefits) of doing so in my late 30's. Thanks again John! I don't know how you have time for all these videos lol, but we appreciate it! – Matt

  • Domini Gai says:

    I want to learn to make my raspberry pi into a server for my blog

  • David Scheindlin says:

    3:43 Dunning-Kruger effect?

  • Norris Bennett says:

    keep up the great work….

  • Zahir Junejo says:

    Tbh, I for one would recommend blogging for everybody. It personally helps me stay away from excess facebook usage. The reason being that both facebook and blogs are mediums for you to write an express yourself. Some will like your expression, some wont, thats life ok. The only difference is that expressing yourself in facebook doesnt really give you that much in return, if you blog instead, not only do you express yourself, you secure a chance to stand out in the internet, you get to showcase your knowledge and one way or another, it can also help you know your niche. And you know how easy career decisions are once you know your niche.

  • Michael Thomas says:

    John it's great to see how much you've grown over the years, happy for you bro (fist bumb)

  • HereticVII says:

    I don't know if there is something wrong with my phone or Bluetooth but the sound cuts in and out.

  • chocoxbear380 says:

    So I've started a blog since the beginning of my bootcamp but it went down to only being updated once a month. I'm trying to blog more, but I realize I'm not sure what to blog about or if I should even continue. I've been unsuccessfully job hunting for a developer job for a few months now and I've found nothing. I'm pretty weak in programming but I want to improve. I also feel like I'm already passed over before even getting interviews, so I'm not even sure if I want to put out there how weak of a learner I am. My classmates had offers left and right and I barely even got interviews. I went from looking for developer jobs to looking for help desk jobs.

  • Raymeester says:

    10 thousand target for 2015?

    What was the turning point?



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