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www.happyfoodhealthylife.com As I've taken you through our roller-coaster of a journey through the IVF process on my blog, I decided to post a video update. ...
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7 Responses to IVF Journey 2013

  • Holly Waterfall says:

    Thank you Jeri. I appreciate your kind words

  • OCwalktoremember says:

    Thank you for sharing your raw feelings Holly. We are so sorry for you
    loss. OC Walk to Remember is a resource center in Orange County, CA to help
    parents who have lost a baby in pregnancy or infancy. You can see all the
    videos we have posted up on the OC Walk to Remember YouTube Channel.

  • Holly Waterfall says:

    I am back from my MIA status and have a little video to share with you.
    This is a story of the reality of our IVF process over the last few weeks.
    http://bit.ly/1a2hPCM #fertility #IVF #miscarriage #lesbianmamas

  • Ashton Wheeler says:

    I wish you 6 the best will there be more video’s?

  • Sophia Anna says:

    Ive subscribed as i think both your video are beautiful ! i would love an
    update video ! i wish yourself and family the best sending prayers !

  • dumdidumdi dum says:

    my mother got my oldest brother, then she lost 3 babys in 4 years, one year
    after that she got my other brother, 17 month later she got me and 3 years
    later my younger brother.. are your beauties here yet ? i wish your family
    good luck !

  • Sarah Brown says:

    My precious triplets were born on July 15, 2014. You can check out the
    delivery story on my blog at Ourmiraclejourney2014.blogspot.com.



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